Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

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Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

weepingwillow wrote:
The problem is...the computer is in our office..waiting to be picked up by the tech. I would have to beable to do it when she is at lunch and not be deteched. I think its a worthless cause :-(

First off, if Tech support is already on it, they've got anything you had already. You're hard drive has already been saved by any work tech Support. Poeple don't realize that Tech supoprt regularly monitors and saves back ups of every PC in the company. They have access to your laptop or PC before you even get it. Back Doors, etc. if you're in trouble, they already have what they need to fire you. I double trying to sue them will do any good. :)

Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

You could start up the computer from a cd-rom with windows on it (if that's what you're using). Maybe you'd have access to the files on the harddrive then and you could delete them and overwrite them with some large files.

Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

Thanks for all the advice. The cd drive wasn't working at all, so the reinstalling of the Windows wouldn't work, although that would be something I could have done. I think at this point, because I don't want to get *caught* tampering, etc. I'll just have to deal with whatever they find. I've had many who think I'm over reacting because I am just worried about hotmail and chats...but I guess thats just me. Plus the computer wouldn't even start up because it had a corupt file and the techs did something to it while trying to fix it and then it wouldn't even fire up now. Maybe I'll be lucky and find out it died all on its own ;-)

Thanks again for the suggestions!!!

Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

I would recommend googeling for a DOS compatable earaser program. It should be fairly small; then get ahold of a Windows 98 Boot floppy, and put the install program from the eraser program on the floppy; change the BIOS to boot from floppy, boot the Windows 98 Boot disk; run FDISK from the command line, delete and replace all partitions with FATx; run the install file for the eraser program and then set the program to overwrite all freespace with noise several times. 7 times should be enough, but if you aren't worried about getting caught have it just over-write continually. NOTE: There is no GUI on the 98 Boot disk, so make sure you are familuar with the nessicary CLI commands.

Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

Wow. I'd just hit the damn thing with a hammer. After all this I'm pretty curious to see how everything turns out...

Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

add to that; I just looked at my eraser program that I have on my computer already; there is an option to generate a "Nuke Disk"; which is a floppy that you boot into and it wipes out everything. So no need for a 98 Boot; I know I just posted the same thing in another thread, but this is relevent here too.

Eraser 5.8.2
md5base 16:205FA0F23F04312AC0DB7B73E6439306

DiamondCS MD5 1.0
md5base 16:995333F9A115776B1C4BB8913F40316C (note, this program comes in a zip folder with two other documents; the hash is only for the uncompressed .exe)

How to really erase a hard drive

A client of mine wanted to be sure that no data would be recoverable from his HD before we trashed it. I'm pretty sure it's safe now:

 dead hard drive

damaged hard drive


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Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

There is lots of option to fry a drive or erase your data. You can damage it physically or use of magnet on platter. But here is one more option that is use of stellar phoenix drive wipe utility which make data inaccessible beyond recovery. Thanks

Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

If it is still a hard drive and/or written down, I can eventually find it

I "resucue"  orphaned computers and monitors and such from the dump.....not so much in a effort to "snoop" but because their is stuff in computers and electronics you don't want ending up in the landfills because they are poisonius (Prefer people to give them to recycling/reuse centers or turn them into places like CompUSa or EMachines that sends them off for recycling)

But yeah, as messed up as the Hard Drive might be as a Boot Drive (which is the part of the Hard Drive that eventually fails) it is still quite good as a Slave drive and when I find one first thing I do is stick it in a External hub and  check it's integrity.  If it is good then I start deleting the files of the previous owners  though I do look at interesting programs and such and might just leave it...such as I saved "Mavis Becon teaches typing" on the last Window's 95 computer I rescued from the dump

Don't want someone like me browsing through your abandoned hard drive and don't have access to a Demagnitizer like they use at TV studios to create "Blank tapes" after broadcasting? 

Go to a hardware store and get some strong fact take the hard drive to the store and casually start scanning the hard drive with the various magnets quite briskly...should  scramble your data pretty well

And as far as "sensitive data" like financial information, credit card numbers, medical history, and such on your computer.....Have you ever googled your full name? (Scary)

Always was careful with my credit card yet somebody managed to attempt to use it in the Bahamas when I never been there, always was safe about collecting my reciepts and such, and always kept a firm grip on my card whearabouts.  (person didn't even need to see me or my card to try to rip me off half a world away)

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Re: Does anybody know how to fry a hard drive???

Magnets. Big magnets. Totally messes with hard drives.


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