DHL International Help!!!

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DHL International Help!!!

Okay, I'm looking into purchasing something from somebody overseas... Not a business, just your average Joe... but I'm not wanting to send my money just to HOPE that what I bought is going to get to me, or even be what I want... so they led me to this website:


Basically they send the item and I can check it before actually giving the money....

But I wanted to get a few second, third, and more opinions on this site... see if anyone's heard of it, or if it looks legit... or if anything seems... phishy... Not sure how I can go wrong if I can check the item first, but like I said, I just wanted some other opinions...



Re: DHL International Help!!!

100% legit and safe. DHL is worldwide. it is just like using UPS or FedEx. the fact that  they are allowing you to utilize them as an escrow type of service is fantastic. now, if you can get to that same page/link that they provided, from the DHL homepage, then i would say go for it!  i'll go navigate the site now and give it a whirl.

EDIT> here is a new press release announcing DHL's new international shipping contract.

here is their 24/7 customer service number: 1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)

just give them a quick call and verify their international service and set your mind at ease!


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Re: DHL International Help!!!

I handle the shipping and receiving for the small company I work for. And although I've only used DHL once I was happy with them. That was for a domestic shipment though.

The only international shipment I've placed was a bit of a nightmare. I'm going to save you the boring details and just say that it got held up in customs for about a week. I'd sent two packages so on the bill of lading for one I put package 1 of 2 and on the other bill of lading I put package 2 of 2. Well the bill of lading #'s where different so Japan customs wouldn't release them thinking I'd sent 4 packages and 2 were missing.  Now that was with FedEx who of course is legit. But the thing I liked about DHL was their service rep was awesome. They had a lot more of a small company feel and not like someone was reading predetermined responses for a book. The FedEx reps SUCKED. They didn't do anything to help, me and the customer are the ones who finally got everything cleared up. So keep that in mind. If you're shipper is new to international shipments things might not go smooth.

But as far as if DHL is legit or not. Yeah they're good.

Re: DHL International Help!!!

I've had several packages come from overseas and I've always experienced great service. I guess the customs thing was just bad luck, my shipments fortunately always arrived on time. But as you can track your shipment, you can always know exactly where it is and not worry too much about it :-)

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