did michael jackson fake his death ?!

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

**then some stupid pervert tosser takes all the attention**


The 1st Family was 1)close to Jackson 2) Made accusations 3) Prosecuters and lawyers came in 4) Timng was near album release 5) Settlement was "out of court" and family never get money money but is sometimes seen at Neverland ranch still


The Second Family was 1) Close to jackson 2) Made similar accusations 3) Same Procecutters and Lawyers show up 4) Timing was near release of Album 5) Boy from first trial testifies that Jackson never touched him 6) Boy from this time says Jackson never touched him 7) Mother heading acusations tells story about Jackson trying to kidnap her and boy on a Balloon ride and other "crazy/paranoid" stuff that gets jackson off the hook


Point?  Even the Pedophile charges was a publicity stunt

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!


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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

how do u know, i think he faked it so he could sell alot of albums to pay of his debt

Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

If you have an opinion, stand behind it and log in*.


*meaning if you are already a member. i can't believe all these anonymous posters are brand new. it's easier to be nasty when you are hiding.

Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

Anonymous posters are not 'new' they are passers-by. This particualr page has been very popular in the last 18 hours and has already received nearly 3,000 hits from anonymous visitors.. that many visits to a page on a subject that is so meaningful to so many people is bound to attract a lot more posts than usual.

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

you never know when its michael jackson.
he could be anywhere.
or not.
maybe we only say this to make ourselves feel better.
no one wants him to be gone. and we deny it, cause
the truth dosent make sense.

i myself was positive that he was going to grow really old.
it just feels wierd that the world will go on without michael jackson.
he will always be with us, in his music naturally.
but im sure we will all miss the person : )
cause he was uniqe, and different, and full of awesomeness.
and thats what makes him MICHAEL JACKSON.

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

Michael is very smart and he will shock the world again like no one in the history did before!!!
He did fake his death and when the new album will be released in the few next days there will be a lot of buyers (including me of course, he will again can sell more than 100 million copies (as Thriller did) and he will be again a genious!
By the way the album name will be: "Immortal" (or "Alive")

The performances at the Arena-London are set up and ready to start. He will be back to all the crew a week before the start and until than no one that baught tickets already could return them.


Or that, or he had Aids..

but i got the feeling and i pray it is the first option...................
You are the best!

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

He could have faked his death??....you seee he has a miserable life, and did you know that he owes over 100 million dollars in debt??

I am a fan of Michael Jackson but it doesnt seem to sink in Quite right....like i hav a feeling that hes still out their somewhere??....he is gonnah be cremated and ashes scattered somewhere??....isnt that suspicious??....and some people suggest that the michael jackson that was in trial is the fake michael jackson??.....HIS FAKE NOSE??....suspicious because he needed a nose that looked li8ke Michael Jacksons??....experts say something was wrong because his jaw was too big nd wide and his voice was way to deep??

to be honest im a FAN of Michael Jacksons!!....so Rest In Peace M.J....Never Forgotten

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

He faked his death. He is with Elvis on a hideaway beach somewhere watching the world mourning him as an icon, knowing he doesnt have to live up to that status and all the hell that came with it anymore. He will rest in peace - but still in this world.

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Re: did michael jackson fake his death ?!

you just dont know how much i would love to believe that, but i doubt it


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