Digital camera help!

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Digital camera help!

Went down to boots today to get some pictures printed. They were of my 21st and a friends so they are wuite important to have really. They couldnt work it out and ended up deleting all my pictures desipte me telling them i'd go home and look at teh manual incase there was something I had to do first.
First off she completely didn't care that she deleted my pictures at all, it was a 'sorry I deleted them but this camera is really fiddley and its a bad design... glad I didn't get this one' Thats a camera I brough from THERE for hundreds of pounds. Wow their customer service is great as I did tell her it was from Boots before she said it.
Anyway i have the pics on my computer so i'm not that upset about it, just really wanted to print these ones out a lot as they are special pics, so does anyone know how to get them back after they been deleted?
The woman said there was a way if you sent the card back to the manufacturer but I don't want to be without my camera for ages and risk them idiots losing it or something as they are pretty expensive.
I can't afford to just print them off my computer as ink is so expensive as well as the paper and i'm a student lol.

Its a Fujifilm finepix Z2 and any help on getting them back i'd be really grateful.

Also does anyone know any good and not to expensive places online to upload pics and get prints sent? If theres no otherway i'll do it that way :)

Thanks a lot for any help



Re: Digital camera help!

To start,

Are the original pics on the computer the same as the ones deleted off the camera?

If so, just transfer those to a CD or Memory stick (flash drive - or whatever you guys refer to it in the UK) can even re-upload to your memory card in the camera.

Then try it again, but with a different clerk;-) For online photo printing:

(not Ireland, right?)

Take care

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Re: Digital camera help!

Thanks thats a big help, i'll try that :D Didn't even cross my mind that I maybe able to put them back on or get them printed from a cd :D
Also thanks for the advice on sites :)

I jsut wanted them back on my camera card so I could get them printed, but looks like I can get round that now :)

Thankyou guys :D

Re: Digital camera help!

I'll have to give Wal-Mart's online photo service a thumbs-up too. My dad is retired and we live in different towns. When I have photos I would otherwise send him, I load 'em up on Walmart's site, place the order, pay with credit card, and tell them which store to have them sent. All he has to do is pick then up when I tell him they are ready.

I do not install the imaging/filing software that comes with digital cameras. I prefer my computer see my camera as another drive and then I copy the folder to my desktop. Immediately, I rename that folder (date and descriptive name) and copy this folder with the raw images to my external hard drive. I have my images organized in folders first by year (2001, 2002, etc...)

After a few years of snapping digital pictures, I'm glad I organized them the way I did. I'VE GOT TONS! And since they are on an external drive, my images have survived several Win98 crashes. At least twice a year, I burn new CD's with any added images - insurance in case the external drive goes kaput. As I add years, I added additional CD backups.

Any edited images are made from the copy on my desktop and after editing them, I place them in the respective storage folders. When I'm done editing and storing, I usually delete the folder on my desktop.

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