What is a DLL (DLL's explained)

Definition of a .DLL

A DLL is a type of program file that can be loaded and executed by programs dynamically. Because many different programs can reuse the same DLL instead of having that code in their own file, this dramatically reduces required storage space. A synonym for a DLL would be library.

DLL's can cause DLL HELL

The concept of using DLL's in Microsoft Windows is great - in theory. But what happens if you have say, 3 programs sharing the same DLL, then you install a new program that installs a newer, slightly different version of that DLL? The result: Your Microsoft Windows crashes when you try to run any of the first 3 programs!

If one of your older programs is looking for a particular piece of information in a particular spot inside the DLL and it can't find it because it's different in the newer version of the DLL, the program usually will not know what to do and will crash.

This problem with different versions of DLL's being shared between programs and causing problems is called DLL HELL.

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