Do keyloggers work on smartphones?

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Do keyloggers work on smartphones?

Do keyloggers work on smart phones. He keeps getting email saying ive seen you on FaceBook, instagram........ hes not suposed to have a FaceBook acct because of cheating. But i know hes hooking up online and may even be local sex sites. Any way to find out. Anything i can load on phone to see everything he does and goes incl password. I stupidly forgave the 1st time so i need to catch if doing it again. Please help



Re: Do keyloggers work on smartphones?

Depends on the smartphone.
There are keyloggers and spyapps for iphones, but you have to Jailbreak the phone first.
If it's an android you can put just about anything you want on as long as you have physical access to the phone.

Seems like it would be easier to just break up with him. Even if he's not doing anything there is obviously a trust issue. Either way this relationship will never survive.

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