Does PosTVac really work?

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Does PosTVac really work?

I can't believe that I just saw a (late night) TV commercial for a PosTVac! It's also called Erec-Tech and it is supposed to help men with.. Let's just say "problems". But what I find hard to believe is that I have seen this same kind of vacuum pump advertised for years in cheap "men's" magazines!

Image of what is not a productYou can see the Postvac or Erec-Tech on Basically Postvac is a tube that you put "it" into, then a battery powered pump sucks out all the air, leaving anything in the tube in a vacuum. This is supposed to force blood in, or something - it's not really clear, which makes me suspicious that it doesn't really even work, or does not work exactly they way they try to make you think that it does.

So my question is: Does Postvac really work?

On the TV commercial they say that the Postvac is approved by most insurance companies which would lead me to believe that it does work, but in searching for any actual research to backup the claims made by and the Postvac TV commercials, I can't find anything. I have read a few Postvac reviews but they are all pretty old, and it looks like they are referring to other websites, not

The other red-flag that makes me think the whole Postvac is a scam, or at least up to something fishy, is that I cannot find the price for the Postvac system anywhere on! They have a products page with different parts and pieces, but I can't find the whole system on their website. I have found in some of the old Postvac reviews that the cost is $550!

If you have purchased (or have "a friend") that has bought the Postvac system please post your review of how it works or if it's just a scam. (and please, no PosTVac sucks jokes!)



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PosTVac review

OMG, this thing is funny! I have seen these advertised for years in magazines too (yah, I read them, so?) but mainly for 'enlargement'. After rooting through the website for what seemed like far too long, it looks like the catch to the Postvac is that after you 'pump it up', you have to put on the rubber-band thing (I won't get into details) to 'keep it that way'. They don't hide this detail, but they sure don't say it up front either.

I can't find the full price of the Postvac, which makes me wonder if they are somehow scamming insurance companies or Medicare. I would love to read a full review from someone that has actually used this thing.

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Re: PosTVac review
The rubber band isn't covered in the TV ad, but is in the DVD instructions, for price try Amazon, get the manual vs the battery be version, be sure to lub. On the rubber band, otherwise it will bruise
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Does Postvac really work?
Postvac does what it says but they don't mention the giant rubber-band that you have to wear. I can't give a real review because I haven't used one.
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Re: Does Postvac really work?
I can asure you the Pos T Vac pump does, first time right out of the box. Yes, you do have to wear the rubber band (tension ring) it keeps the blood in, and can be worn up to 30 minutes, does not hurt. I do recommend applying lubricant to the ring before you remove it. Removal can bruise if you don't
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I don't see how the Postvac is any different from the pump that Austin Powers got busted with in the airport.
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Re: Does PosTVac really work?
The Postvac system starts at around $135.00. It can be ordered at Walgreens I know for sure
Re: Does PosTVac really work?

Yes. It really does work. It make your penis very hard and firm as if you were young again. And I do beleive that your health insurance will cover the payment. Mine did. Get one and enjoy having sex again.

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