Does work? or scam?

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Re: Does work? or scam?

i am a real customer and so far i can tell you works like a charm.i have tried several other apps like: the truth spy ,flexispy ,mspy, i spy, mobile stealth, mobile spy and others which are extremely advertised in the web and i can tell you this is the only one that have really delivers what it promise. i am a father with two kids (7 and 12)and since technology move fast my kids wanted a cell phone with all the features and apps their friends use. i was concern with all the news and information in the web regarding cel phones and kids...and after my kids asked for it for their birthday i decided to go ahead and give them what they wanted. one parent of my child friend told me about spyware and how it is used and it seem all parents were doing it ....but i am not a guru in technology so rooted the device was not an option. while these apps advertised that easy instalation and hidden some of them takes 20 minutes to install and something basic like look in the app manager you can see the app running others promise you will receive phone call records, phone call recordings, mms , text , live recording, pictures, Facebook friend request and conversations among other features to my disappointment they never did ...some of them very expensive by the way and after you paid their premium package you discover that most of their features works on rooted devices.....what???? jajaja are you kidding me ? my kids have their cell phones all the time to installed the app i really had a hard time and you are telling me that i need the target device one more time to install and re install or remove what ???? pleaseeeee..... all of them stated that it works on non rooted devices just a few were honest and in the end it didnt work and i was informed i must root the divice

They promise to deliver phone call recording or whatsapp messages and they didn't. customer service lets not even go there, no one to help you or answer your questions ... and if you are lucky they will send you the same message over and over again. " we received your inquiry someone from customer service will get in touch with you" doing and extensive research and tired of promises never deliver i did another search you can imagine i have read every single blog comments and post in the web regarding spy apps for android device non rooted in one of the post i read about TISPY....i also read all the comments above and decided to give it a try. after almost a month with my subscription i can tell you it works!!!!
my experience so far :

///at the beginning the instructions were a little bit confusing remember not all of us are experts with technology terms
///you can try the app for two days free with all the features working ,,,,
///finally i installed the pak in my kids phone
///initially the phone call recording was not working i email customer service and to my surprised they answered after looking and working with the settings now it works like a charm... heads up: download an old version of real player that was the only way i can listen to the phone calls recording. trust me i contacted real player cloud (latest of real player ) to see what was wrong and after they told me they have done everything in their power they said the real player cloud was working perfectly and support 3gp and amr recording..they suggested i download and old version and i did and it works!!!! detail that should be in the instructions

i notice that the incoming whatsapp messages where not recorded as advertised .... after Reading the help area i discover i must enable the which in my phone i couldn't find since i tried to look for it before i touch the target device so i know where to go, i Google it and nothing but in my kids phone was easy to find....detail that should be in the installing instructions so i don't have to go back to the target device ....some of us don't have access all the time to the device ....this should be noted while installation. i enable it and bingo! all incoming whatsapp messages are visible with names and everything ...
////contact list record is there and when a new one is added/remove it will let you know
///scheduler works perfectly ...i tried every single feature.. photos front and main , live audio recording and works perfect ...the video does not work ...i reported it still working on the settings will keep you posted
some features are for rooted devices and it is specified ....which i understand
///to my surprise this week i received an e-mail with new features added to the app for the same price ...excellent !!!! the downside you must uninstall old version and install the advance new version of the app .
this app is so cool that you can suggest what would you like to see next ...definitely i suggested tango messages, upload target videos and watch them and update the app remotely really comprehensive data a lot of information provided about the devise...price is really good...and affordable
without a doubt i will recommend this product to anyone ...very complete and delivers as advertised

Anonymous Visitor scam?
after 4 months of use it works ....great price ....a lot of issues with call recording sometimes it plays sometimes it wont ...i think is a sever problem ...location information very poor not updated every hour. it is a good program depending on what you are looking for but it can be the best if they work on the little issues
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Re: Does work? or scam?
I helps my a lot, very good service, i'm in very complicated relationship with my girlfriend give present phone for valentine :) now i better understand her,to know true healing me from depression very well and keeps me calm when i know true without asking stupid questions
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TiSPY scam?

I have been using tispy since more than a year now but since few months im having problem with whatsapp data and automatically it stops loading data on tispy servers.

Muhammad Mateen scam is a scam. The client software they provide doesn't work on Marshmallow and onward versions. There are limited features that works and most of crucial feature don't work as promised. The biggest issue is phone is unable to come online. Call and sms block don't works. Surround recording some times works and sometimes not.

I have bought the service for 6 months and now i am repenting. My phone comes online only when i re-install client software and then it never works again. The support is very third class. Support even don't bother to reply. Resolving issue is far more thing for them

Re: Does work? or scam?

So you have to install the software on their phone to track them, that's not good, I wanted to track them without installing anything on their phone

Does TisPY work on Iphones?

Has there been an updated on TiSPY? Does it now work on Iphones???

Re: Does work? or scam?

Ues, in does work, and has excellent features, however, it does have its bugs. When installed it cause major performance issues on target phone. Makers of tispy wont accept that their product is causing issues, and deny it's possible, bit it only performs poorly when this app is on phone.

For some features, you only get to see one "side" of the conversation, not always what is sent from the target phone.

It does offer "live" feature a, where you can monitor the phones screen in real time, from your computer or your phone. It also uses the cameras and microphone to pick up pictures, video and audio from where the phone is located.


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