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Hey, candy corn is good.
I hate skinny jeans on a guy. We call them plum smugglers.

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...women that don't dress their age.

.....women that try to fit into clothing and/or styles that obviously are not designed for their body type.

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Re: Don't You Just Hate...

i hate when people don't say thank you. :)

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People who chew with their mouth open.

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oh yea! or how about women who drop their kids off at school in their pj's wearing big bug glasses thinking they are some type of celebrity! or women that allow their kids to be on the phone at dinner texting away. but the one that puts the icing on the cake is when someone is constantly reminding people that their life is just peachy and they look better than another person!  That to me is plain insecurity! 




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 I hate:

-People who wear a bunch of colors together, and wind up not matching at all.

-People who borrow money and make you wait so long that you have to ask for your money back. YOU owe ME money, why do I have to ask for it? You know you owe me a debt, so pay it back on time.

-Kids who are disrespectful to their parents in public. It makes me want to drop kick the kid and slap the parents for letting them be so rude.

-When I'm in mid-conversation and somebody wants to barge into it. If you're not going to put any valuable opinion in after interrupting, then just mind your own business.

-People who have absolutely no tact. On a day when you're not looking your best for whatever reason and they just have to let you know. Unless I ask you, I don't need to know how crappy I look today. I woke up 20 minutes late, and had a rough night. So, I can do without the commentary.

-People who don't do their job well, and I have to pick up their slack.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

Re: Don't You Just Hate...

People who repeat themselves 5 times in 30 seconds...

Dead Batteries

People who ruin my things when they try to be nice (How can you yell at someone for that?!)

People who think my closet and makeup/hair drawer is their personal mini-mall... and then keep whatever they take... without ever asking to begin with

Mushrooms and Tomatoes


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onions and tomatoes

nyc pigeons...i swear they think they run this town...

winter except for the first snowfall

people who manage to get me on the phone and then don't say anything




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Re: Don't You Just Hate...

I've been waiting for a thread like this to pop up.

I absolutely hate it when people buy animals because they are cute etc. but when they need medical attention ASAP, the pet-parent doesn't do anything because vet appointments are expensive. I even know of one individual who left their cat outside, who had cuts and holes thanks to their negligence, because she didn't want her son to "catch anything".

I also hate seeing this internet face: XD It pops up everywhere after every sentence. It's fine to slip it in occasionally... but after every single line of text? Are you serious?

Ridiculous shaped sharpie eyebrows get to me also. And living on a border town, I see them A LOT.


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Re: Don't You Just Hate...

that reminds me...i HATE animal cruelty


"Lately it occurs to me- what a long, strange trip it's been..."


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