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I hate the homosexual ancient Greek jokes. This didn't used to bother me so much, but when you try having a serious conversation about your interests and all you get are these jokes... it makes me want to rip out my hair. Not only because they come from people who don't have an understanding for that culture, but because it also implies that no matter what you've accomplished, you're still less than because you're gay. Its not witty. Just stop it already.

I hate people who eat peanuts. Okay, that's a little extreme. I'm just envious because one will kill me.


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Re: Don't You Just Hate...

running into an ex while they're with the new love interest..pfff.  Sickening.  And to top it off you both make eye contact and nothing is said or no form of acknowledgement.

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 I hate people who are my age or close to it that have kids and think now they know all the secrets of the world. Just b/c you are a parent now does not make you any wiser. I mean come on; any doo doo brown can be a parent. Britney Spears is a mom.

I hate when people pretend to care. I can tell when you really don't, so I don't need the BS pity party. I have enough self-pity.

People that make me waste my breath saying Good Morning. It's part of my job to be cordial and greet people. So when I say Good Morning to someone and I don't even get at least a nod, it drives me up the wall.

People who don't know limits. It's not my job to fill your ice cube tray. You don't pretend you're cool with me, only to tattle on me to the boss when I 'hurt your feelings'. There are just certain things you don't do.


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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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Rain delays. Wait, game "suspensions"... Whatever.

Be yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

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Re: Don't You Just Hate...

slow loading internet pages and connection issues.  lol.

Re: Don't You Just Hate...

Don't You Just Hate.....little flying vampires! also known as a mosquito. they bite, suck, fly off happy and full.



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Black Licorice.  Vile!  Who's idea was it to make candy from ammonia?

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People who don't listen.  I have a computer monitor to get rid of, my city doesn't pick them up, I have to drop it off at the recycling center.  No big deal.  The guy starts giving me directions, it's a part of the city I've never had to go to before, completely unfamiliar.  So, I told the guy, I'm still fairly new to the area, and don't know my way around all that well.  He then says "OK, I'll give you easier directions.  Get to the old circle on 1 & 9..."..What part of "I'm still fairly NEW to the area" didn't you get?  You can't give me landmarks that don't exist anymore!  Ack!

I hate when I get lost.  I'm going to wind up lost later, I know it.


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when someone sends you a (work-related) email (after you've already spoken to them on the phone twice) and then emails you again- less than 5 minutes later- to ask if:  you've seen it?  have you looked it over?  can you respond?  uhm.  yes, i've seen it.  no i haven't had a chance to really look it over cause you JUST sent it.  and now, no.  no i won't respond.  because you are ANNOYING and now you'll wait another 2 hrs before you hear back from me.

ugh.  venting.  lol.  but don't you just hate annoying people you have to deal with for work? 


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Re: Don't You Just Hate...

Reality Shows  absolutely cannot stand them.

TV Award Shows  I can't stand 98% of the SOB's that present or accept those stupid things so I never watch.  Curt Cobain had it right.


So... I walk in the other TV room off the kitchen just a while ago and what is my wife watching?  A Reality TV Award show!!!  Zeus strike me down if I'm lying!!  Reality Shows have their own yearly award show!  AhhhhhH!!!




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