Add music to your Myspace

How to add music to your Myspace, Friendster, MSN Spaces, Hi5, or Facebook

You cant upload music files from your computer directly into Myspace. In order to use a custom song you need to save or host the file on a webserver or music hosting service.

After you have uploaded your music file to a music hosting service or web server you can use the Myspace music codes below to embed the song into your page.

<embed src= "MUSIC URL HERE" autostart="true" loop="false" volume="50%" height="20" width="145"></embed>

Replace the "MUSIC URL HERE" with the URL to where your music file is hosted, for example:

<embed src= "" autostart="true" loop="false" volume="50%" height="20" width="145"></embed>

If you don't want the box to show, and want just 'background' music, change the code like this:

<embed src= "MP3 URL HERE" autostart="true" loop="true" volume="50%" height="0" width="0"></embed>

Test your page after adding these codes with Internet Explorer AND Firefox to make sure they play correctly.
For more information about Firefox, see our Firefox information page




so if i cant upload the MP3 from my PC, does anybody no a good FREE host to put the music files on?

I have no idea where to get music hosting. I know of picture and video hosting, but nothing to help with the music.

where exactly are we supposed to put the code?

Should go anywhere in your "About Me" section. Just put it below your text, etc.

where do i go for a load of myspace music?

where can you find music url's?


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