Hold On Before You Download Skype Into That Smartphone

If Carrier IQ was not creeepy enough for you, there is something more dreadful in the works for that smartphone of yours. Skype is due to get a backdoor for secret listening to calls. Believe it or not, Microsoft, the owner of Skype, applied for the patent for this secret listening door back in 2009. It was recently approved.

With the advent of the mobile revolution, some things have changed rapidly. Skype was around before smartphones became popular, but only recently have smartphones become a popular Wi-Fi device. Skype works best over a wireless connection that has the power of Wi-Fi. Those two ingredients together mean smartphones and Skype are becoming close friends. But if free calling sounds too good to be true, it may come at a price that users are not aware of. What is that? It is called "eavesdropping". Microsoft has a patent called "lawful interception" on their Skype software. It simply means that there will be no such thing as a private telephone call using Skype soon.

Is it devious to eavesdrop on a telephone conversation if Microsoft reveals it beforehand? Morals aside, it seems that they are not to be blamed for this. It is required by United States law. Microsoft looks to have become a type of cell carrier with their purchase of Skype. This means they must give the legal authorities access to their network for "surveillance tracking". There is a big sector to deal with, since over 200 million people are using Skype from around the world.

China is not one of those countries. They have blocked access to the Skype site with their famous "firewall of China". But plenty of other countries will be under the watchful eye ( or "ear" ) of the law while they use Skype with their smartphones. Milan, Italy is a city with lots of Skype users. Bulgaria, Lithuania and the Philippines are also ardent users of Skype. Android users have their Skype app that provides voice and video features. Blackberry users are included. Apple iPhone users are part of the Skype family as well. The backdoor to listen in on Skype calls is going to be a huge event now that Microsoft owns the company.

The smartphone user will need to stay on their toes concerning who is the "middle man" while they use their handset. If being profiled is too much, just uninstall Skype and use an alternative. One called "Vbuzzer" is available. Otherwise you may spend your days wondering just who may be listening in on your VOIP calls. It is not worth it.



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