Dreamt about GuG last night

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Dreamt about GuG last night

guess I'm hanging out on here too much. Here's why I think I dreamt about Gug:

  • I was on it most of the day
  • I was listening to/watching the Matrix on TNT (I think) yesterday morning
  • I read 2na's thread on 1337 and then read more about it on wikipedia
  • I pondered LadyC's status....

I don't even know what I dreamt, but LadyC was up to something.


Re: Dreamt about GuG last night

been there. done that. and sometimes ....usually depending on what i consumed before bedtime <--which 9 out of 10 times is ice cream, i'll have a wicked asss dream. i wake up the next day thinking wtf? so to resolve, i try to gain closure on any/or all unexplained, unanswered, or the like before i head off to the land of nod.


Re: Dreamt about GuG last night

I've had GUG induced dreams before as well. Afterward I always decide it is because I have been spending too much time on here, decide that I'm OK with that and log onto GUG.

Re: Dreamt about GuG last night

Up to something?  Hmmmm, I wonder what?  Maybe it was when I was trying to convince Boyfriend that our giant beige sedan would look better purple....


"Everybody's going nowhere slowly, they're only fighting for the chance to be last.  There's nothing wrong with going nowhere, baby, but we should be going nowhere fast"

Re: Dreamt about GuG last night

 lol. that's all I remember.

Purple's good. :)

I only use my powers for good - 95% of the time anyway

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