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Just curious when is too early to start drinking??  Crazy morning already, could use a shot of jack.  The sad thing is I don't really even drink.   I guess somedays feel worse than others.  Any thoughts???



Re: Drinking?

Personally I only drink on the days of the week that end in "Y".  How early I have a drink is determined by the following criteria for me.

1)  Am I at work?  Never drink at work.  Your getting paid to perform not drink, unless you found a dream job of professional drink taster!

2)  Will my drinking have an adverse affect on others?  Like my wife and kids, they deserve to have me at my best.

3)  Am I in a position where I will have to drive after having a drink.  I lived too loose on this rule when I was younger.  There are TOO MANY INNOCENT victims of impaired driving so check the keys with the DD.

4)  Does the day end in "Y"?  If so what difference does it make what time I have my first drink as long as I follow my rules.

I'm certain this does not help you but your question can only truthfully be answered by yourself.  Take stock of your emotions and surroundings then make a decision!  You can always make a different decision the next time!

Almost Evil
Re: Drinking?

Well personally I know on thanksgiving day i was 'thankful' for the chance to open a bottle of wine at 11am. And no one even looked at me funny. Then again we had just gotten a phone call that my 18 y/o cousin is marrying a 40 y/o man. *barf*

So I say, when the need arises, tip the bottle!

Re: Drinking?

heehee i did similar on a day when i knew i'd be spending all afternoon/night with my extended family...

so i say it's fine :p

Re: Drinking?

It's always 5:00 somewhere....

Re: Drinking?

Well, I think it's ok to drink coffee, water, milk, soda water, just any time of the day or night.  Now, alcohol is a different story.  I agree with what OldGoat58 says in his reply.  As for myself - the last time I drank anything with alcohol in it was 2 or 3 years ago.  Alcohol and I just don't play well together.

Re: Drinking?

I think it depends on the person. If alcohol becomes the driving force for the majority of decisions you make during the day then there is a problem.

Re: Drinking?

If it's because you need to drink you might want to think twice- it's really not going to help.


On the other hand just this past Monday I was out at a golf outing and had my firrst drink at 10:45 in the morning, quite possibly a new record for me as an adult!



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