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dvd flick

i am trying to use dvd flick to burn a movie since dvd shrink is still not cooperating with my laptop. it looks fairly simple but i cant understand where to start. where do i get the files (title) with to start my project? do i use dvd decrypter first or take them directly from the movie in my e drive? i thought i could just click on the video_ts files when it gives me the open files/ browse window but nothing appears after that to open??? from what i read i thought dvd flick does everything. decrypting encoding and burning. anyone familier with this program?


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Re: dvd flick

 I've used DVD Flick to encode only. I've turned an AVI into a DVD then burned it with Burnaware. I didn't know it could burn until you said so. I just click browse. Find the video source. Click ok then change any settings as needed. Burn options are also in that same settings area. Then click create DVD. It will encode it then I'm not sure how burning is handled. Sorry. It's a great little tool though. 

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