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EA Download Manager:
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As far as I can tell (I've done a search) no one has made a thread about EA Download manager. On the EA store website
you can now purchase and download games. What are people's experiences of this? I myself wouldn't recommend buying a game this way.

After a couple of plays I got this message:

"The game can not start. In order to launch this game, please login to the EA download manager to verify your ownership, then try again."

So I did just that but when I clicked play again the same message came up. I went to support on ea's website and
troubleshooted my problem and find instructions how to supposedly fix the problem.
Here they are:

"If you see the following error, your game has likely been downloaded and installed on three other
computers already.

The game can not start. In order to launch this game, please login to the EA
Link to verify your ownership, then try again.

According to the End User License Agreement, which can be found by opening the EA Download Manager,
highlighting your game, and selecting Game Manual, "You may only have the game installed on
three computers at any given time.

If you are sure you have not installed the game on a fourth computer, please clear your license
files located at:

For Windows XP Users
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PACE Anti-Piracy\License Files and delete all the files in that folder.

For Windows Vista Users
C:\Users\(Windows account name)\Appdata\Roaming\PACE Anti-Piracy\ folder.

Be sure your system time and date are correct to your geography. You may need to check the time stored on your system CMOS as well as the time in the Windows operating system. To adjust the time on your system CMOS, please check with your system manufacturer or consult your owner's manual. To change the time in Windows:

1. Right-click the clock that shows on your Windows Taskbar.
2. Select 'Adjust Date/Time.'

If you don't see the system time on the taskbar:

1. Right-click your Windows Taskbar and select Properties.
2. When the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties applet appears, select the 'Taskbar' tab is selected.
3. Be sure that the 'Show the clock' check box is selected.
4. Click OK.

The clock should now appear opposite of the Start button. You can now check and edit the time easily as described above."

I do all this but it doesn't work, in fact the "PACE Anti-Piracy" folder doesn't appear to exist. I google this problem and it's quite common but appears to have no definative answer.
In the end I unistall then reinstall EAD Manager using instructions on their website which is meant to solve a different problem:

"If you run into an issue with low disk space or if you have corrupted files associated with the
EA Download Manager, you should backup and relocate your EA Download Manager cache. The best way
to relocate your EA Download Manager cache is to do the following:

1.Exit EA Download Manager.
2.Double-click My Computer.
3.Double-click the C drive.
4.Double-click the ProgramData folder. *
5.Double-click the Electronic Arts folder.
6.Double-click the EA Download Manager folder.
7.Move the cache folder to the desired location / folder (even on another hard drive).

Next you will need to uninstall, download, and reinstall the EA Download Manager software.**
When re-installing the latest version of EA Download Manager, you will be prompted for the cache location.
Browse to the desired location and click Next.

If the new cache location differs from the location to which you moved your files in the
beginning of this process, simply browse to that location and move the contents of the cache
folder to the appropriate folder.

* For Windows Vista users, this folder may be hidden. To find it, you will need to adjust your folder
viewing properties or hit the Windows key + 'R'. In the Run applet, type C:\ProgramData and the folder
will appear in a new window."

It works! This solves the problem. I'm not sure if moving the cache folder makes a difference and if you unistalled it without doing so the problem would still be fixed but I thought I might as well do it this way.

Long and short of it, just buy games in a shop! It saves a lot of hassel especially if your not very technically minded like me.



Re: EA Download manager

Hi there, I'm not shure this is the place to ask this, but I'll try :
I play Spore and I'm trying to download the new extention pack. I use Vista (32) and a good enough PC with a fast enough connection.The problem is that there seems to be some problem with the EADM that's supposed to download the extencion pack : When I try to "Open" the EADM nothing happens; When I try to go into the "Log In" window or the "Parameters" window, this shows up... and doesn't change a bit, even in over a day :
Oh, and by the way, I have the latest EADM and reinstalled it.
I run it in administrator mode and have tried both with and without the WinXP SP2 compatibility.

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Re: EA Download manager

Is there a way to move the game you've bought and downloaded to a different computer? I bought it on a friends computer but wanted it on my own. Is there a way to move it? Where are the files if so?

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Re: EA Download manager

hi when i try to open the ea download manager its says that im currently offline when im obviously not. can someone help me?

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Re: EA Download manager

I have the same problem....have you figured it out?

Re: EA Download manager


after having spent many hours on the problem that EADM (EA Download Manager) does not work correctly and claims that I am OFFLINE, I found a solution to this problem.

I could hardly believe that this is a fix, but it seems to:

Open the Internet Explorer and then... do nothing more. NOT FireFox nor any other browser, just Internet Explorer.

Keep it open in background and your EADM will work.

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Re: EA Download manager

i tried that but it still doesn't work....is there any other possible solutions?

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Re: EA Download manager

Thank you :o)

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Re: EA Download manager

Brilliant! uninstalled /reinstalled EA download manager & game actually works now!

thanks a lot

Re: EA Download manager

When i'm starting the sims 3 and wants to download some things to it with EA download manager it's stood that my internet is offline but it's not . How should i do for makes it work ?

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Re: EA Download manager

when i try and go onto the manager it just comes up with a list of settings and you cannot move away from it,
any help please ??


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