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Early Morning Talk Shows

I'm a big fan of a local radio talk show that I listen to every morning.  ( No, I don't do HD)  I don't hardly ever call in; I never get through.  But you can email the hosts and get through that way.  Each morning they have a different kind of "contest" or program where you do something to get tickets for something.  I'm not sure of the exact days, but one day, they'll have bad jokes, where people call in and tell jokes, and if they get a genuine laugh out of the hosts, they get prizes or tickets for something.  My fave joke so far:  Why was the blonde snorting Sweet N Low?  She thought it was Diet Coke.  LOL  Anyway, on Fridays, they have confessions.  People call in and confess to things they've done, and depending on how good and juicy it is, they get tickets for something.  Well, today's was one of my favorites.  This lady, who worked as a legal secretary called in the show, and said a few years ago, she was having alot of problems with her husband, constantly fighting. Well, the husband's cousin was staying at their house, and she was starting problems with the lady, and the lady tried to blow it off.  Well, one day, while at work, the lady gets a phone call from her husband, and he just starts cussing her out and calling her all kinds of names.  It turns out the cousin had told him that his wife was harrassing her and picking on her, which wasn't true.  The lady told her husband, and he just kept calling her bad names.  The lady got fed up, and over the phone, told her husband that she was through and she wanted a divorce.  The husband responds, 'You don't have the guts to do that.  You won't leave me."  So the lady just hangs up on him.  She works at a law firm, and she printed up some fake divorce papers, goes home, and shoves them in his face.  He's shocked, and starts crying and apologizing.  Of course, they're fake, but she doesn't tell him.  She just keeps insisting for him to sign them.  She said that a few days later, the cousin got kicked out of the house, and his attitude completely changed and he just became the best husband.  LOL She won the tickets for that day.  LOL  



So... my main question and point of this forum is.. what do they have on your local radio talk shows that you love?  



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Ok, here goes mine.. I listen to Ryan Secrest (the host of American Idol) practically every morning.. My FAVORITE topic is Ryans Roses.. So this is how it works, people email Ryan when they think their husband/ wife, boyfriend,/girlfriend is cheating on them. He gets a hold of one of the senders  and calls them so they can explain their story on air and heres were it gets good, He has one of his assistants call the cheater and offer him/her a free dozen roses since “they are doing promotion for a new flower shop in their area” she tells him/her that there will not be any credit card needed or anything, they are completely free. So heres were the sucker falls for it and most of the time send them to their lover with a cheesy note.. So yep this this the part were all hell brackes lose (if he is caught cheeting)


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LMAO  you would think they would be a little suspicious, no?   lol  well, if they're that dumb, they deserve to be caught...



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Frosty, Heidi and Frank on 97.1 FM in Los Angeles.  They also broadcast and podcast online.

It's seriously the funniest show I've ever heard.  They have a huge following here, and I've attended many of their events.  I would describe the show as witty (and often dirty) banter between an overweight asexual male, a lesbian and a man's man.

All three are extremely nice in person, and they often remember who you are despite the fact that they've got to meet a lot of people at this point.  This is a picture of me and Frank!


They've been on now for 8 years on 97.1, which is a talk radio station.  There is fear right now that the station may not renew their contract due to idiots like Adam Corolla and Danny Bonaduce, but hopefully, they are just rumors...



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Re: Early Morning Talk Shows

Remember a couple years ago when a woman died because of a radio contest. She drank a ton of water...and they even had people call in and tell the hosts there was a chance someone could die. It was all over the news. THAT was the morning show I used to listen to. I didn't listen that day though.

Now my commute is so long I listen to books on tape. Lame, but keeps my brain working.

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"Gold your wee for a Wii"

I didn't listen. I'm a Stern-aholic, but they talked about it the next day on Stern. I guess on MY early morning talk show, I could maybe get nakie, potentially ride the sybian and win a tummy tuck ;) YAY I want a tummy tuck.

e yourself...... Everyone else is taken!

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Re: Early Morning Talk Shows

i used to love listening to casey casen when getting ready for grade school.  now only talk show i catch is stern.

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