Eat on a $1 a day?

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Re: Eat on a $1 a day?

Glovermann wrote:
Seriously what the hell can you eat for 1 dollar?

well creatively, one could hit the discount bread rack in a grocery store and get a loaf for $0.33. then roll on over to the meat department where the prepackaged lunch meat is and pick up one of those Budding packs which often sell for [email protected]$1. - that would be several meals in one day. or the campbells soups that you can get for [email protected]$1.


Re: Eat on a $1 a day?

Well you can buy a 25 pound bag of jasmine rice for $15 and 3 bags of banquet chicken nuggets at $3.99 a bag. That's $28 a month. It can be done but who wants to eat all those nuggets?

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Re: Eat on a $1 a day?

I couldn't do it - but if I had to then I would hit the dollar menu somewhere LOL!!

Re: Eat on a $1 a day?

well one buck a day equals thirty in a month. so if one grocery shopped for thirty dollars worth, they could probably eat a bit more with the right planning.



Re: Eat on a $1 a day?

I could... I mean... I have no issues eating ramen 24/7 (omnomnomnom)... but I hear it's unhealthy with the MSG and Sodium and such... so... I've tried to really cut back... what I've found is that... I eat... a LOT... I can sit down in a restaurant, eat a full appetizer, a full entree, and a full desert BY MYSELF... if I wanted to that is... I've done it... multiple times... and a few hours later I'm hungry again...

I *should* weigh 800 lbs with what and how I eat... I should have had a heart attack 5 years ago... keep the veggies off my plate plzkThank you ever-so much.

So... unless it was ramen and water... I don't think I'd pull this off... just the sheer amount of food I eat would bypass a dollar in a day... doesn't really matter what it is aside from ramen... and maybe oatmeal.. but I can't eat plain oatmeal lol

Why on earth would these people want to do that to themselves is beyond me... with inflation and such, you have to allow yourself a bit of slack... maybe 1.50... or 2.00 a day... especially lately...

maybe 2 or 3 years ago... but not now.



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