Email: De-Activat​​ion Warnning!!!

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Email: De-Activat​​ion Warnning!!!

For today's episode of "is it real or is it a email scam" we have this very poorly constructed email from .

Subject: De-Activat​​ion Warnning!!!

Dear Email Account User

We are currently verifying our email account Service in order to increase the Efficiency of our account features, and to delete all UN-used account from our Email data-base. We are currently deleting all inactive email account to create more space for new accounts. for you not to lost your email account, you must reply to this email immediately and provide the following informations below to
prevent your account from being deactivated from our database.

Your Full Name:
Your Email-ID:
Your Email Password:

fill the account verification form. After Following the instructions Your account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Thanks & Regards,

This email is NOT REAL, it is a scam known as a phishing attempt to trick you into providing them your account information!

Some tipoffs that this email is a scam:

  • You probably do not have any accounts associated with the company (the From email address)
  • This email message does not specify what account is in jepordy of being deactivated.  This is either due to the stupidity of the sender or a very cleverly thought-out social engineering method to leave it up to your imagination
  • The "form" to fill in your information does not function.  The only way to provide your information would be to reply
  • Urging you to DO IT NOW!! BEFORE YOU HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT!!  Is an attempt at social engineering to give you a sense of urgency so your unspecified account does not get deactivated
  • The biggest tipoff that this email is fake or a scam:  The 3rd grade-level grammar.  No real company would ever send out an email written by such an illiterate idiot.  I see at least 9 gramatical errors after just one quick read through.  They even spelled "warning" wrong in the subject line!

If you were blessed with this email in your inbox, just delete it.  No harm has been done by opening/reading it.



aspiring geek
Re: Email: De-Activat​​ion Warnning!!!
I did not receive this notification, I did however receive this one "[Help For Beginners] Account inactivity", which I found doing my occasional look through my spam box :( and I am glad I did because it brought me back here to the forums which life had kind of swept from my memories as its so good at doing. Anyhow, Thank you for the reminder and as a reminder to everyone else, put Grown Up Geek on your safe list ;)
Re: Email: De-Activat​​ion Warnning!!!
I do not wish to continue with this account..not beneficial.

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