Email from Verified by Visa (scam!)

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Email from Verified by Visa (scam!)

For today's episode of "is it real or is it a scam" we have this very important looking email from "Verified by Visa - MasterCard SecureCode":

From:Verified By Visa
Subject: Confirm Your Carte Vbv Information

Attention: This is no way an e-mail forgery, this is sent by the Customer Support of Verified by Visa!

Dear Customer Verified by Visa
Your credit card is temporarily suspended, because we have noticed a problem with your card.
We determine that someone might try to use your card without your permission. For your protection, we have temporarily suspended your card crédit. Pour lever cette suspension,

Cliquez ici Follow the steps indicate to Update your credit card..

Note: If this is not completed by 15 Mai 2012, we will be forced to suspend your card!

Please note that in 50% of cases you will receive this email in the SPAM box, this is because of the increased security of emailing services you use.

We appreciate your cooperation in the context of your file.

thank you,
Customer Service Support of Verified by Visa.
Copyright 1999-2012 VerifedbyVisa. All rights reserved.

This email is NOT REAL, it is a scam known as a phishing attempt to trick you into going to their website and giving them your account information!

Some tipoffs that this email is a scam:

  • You may not even have a Visa!
  • If you do have a Visa, it probably is not provided by some bank in France that you've never heard of
  • The warning in red "This is no way an e-mail forgery.." is a sure sign that it IS an email forgery
  • The warning that "50% of cases you will receive this email in your SPAM box" is their way of trying to trick you into thinking that you know better than your email's anti-spam system.  Most legitimate email from legitimate banks will appear in your inbox, not in your spam folder
  • Urging you to DO IT NOW!! BEFORE YOU HAVE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT!!  Is an attempt at social engineering to give you a sense of urgency so the bank does not suspend your credit card... That you don't even have...
  • The "to" email address in my case, was sent to an email address that I have not/never would associate with a credit card account (in your case, it might actually come to your legitimate email address)
  • The link to click, named "Cliqueze ici" to follow the steps to update your credit card goes to:  - note that the last portion (in bold) which is the actual domain name, "" is probably is not the actual website for your bank - the "" part, at the beginning of the address is designed to trick you - the REAL website address is the last .com (or in this case, .net) at the right - in this case,
  • The 3rd-grade level grammar is a sure sign that it was created by a scammer that did not finish high school and is therby forced into a life of crime.

If you get this email, don't click any links and delete it.



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