How to fix Error 5004 with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

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How to fix Error 5004 with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

I've been getting Error 5004 on my Apple TV while watching Amazon Prime Video on seemingly random shows recently and when I googled it I found a lot of posts and complaints about it about it so I know I'm not the only person with an AppleTV that's getting this error.

The exact error message says:
Problem occurred
We're unable to process your request. Please try again later or contact Amazon Customer Service at
Error code: 5004

Then there is a button that says "Try again" and another one that says 'Cancel'

It has not happened yet on stand-alone movies. It seems to only happen on TV Shows/series with multiple episodes.. I contacted to Amazon Video support - their default answer was to "uninstall/reinstall, de-register/re-register the device, and none of that worked.

Sometimes I was able to watch the show again by clicking the "Try again" button 20 or 30 times - but that takes a long time, makes my button-finger tired, and didn't always work so here is the workaround I've found, which is still a bit of a pain, but seems to get rid of the "error 5004" and lets me watch the show again:

Search for the show/series that is giving the Error 5004 in the Amazon Prime Video app in the normal search-section.
Select a season DIFFERENT from the last episode you watched before you got the error - for example if you started getting the error after watching Season 5 Episode 2, search/find any episode that is NOT in Season 5..
Watch a few seconds from that old season/old episode you've already seen, then exit out.
Now go back to the current season you want to watch and you should be able to view it..

So far this has fixed the error. It's come back a few times, usually on the same shows, but going through these steps clears the error and lets me start watching the show again.

Good luck fellow AppleTV users!


Re: How to fix Error 5004 with Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

Hopefully this will be fixed when the new Apple TV TVOS V13 comes out in a couple of weeks. I got the dreaded Error 5004 a few times started back in July but ended up cancelling Amazon Prime for other reasons. Now i'm using Netflix but I do miss that free shipping with Prime!

Error 5004 with Amazon Prime Video

I am an Amazon Prime publisher and I reported this error 5004 to Amazon months ago after several viewers had contacted us saying they could not watch new episodes of our show. This was the official response from Amazon Prime Video Publisher Support:

Thank you for reaching out. I was able to confirm that these errors are not specific to the PVD systems, rather they're a result of something on the back end with those devices and/or Prime Video as a whole.

Please reach out and let them know about the issue you're facing. I'd recommend telling any fans to do the same as well. We've seen similar device issues in the past and that route has always led to the quickest solution.

Thanks in advance for the understanding and we appreciate you choosing Prime Video Direct.

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