My wife sees everything on my iPhone

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My wife sees everything on my iPhone

My wife knows who I chat with, my Whatsapp, my chats on Song Pop. Not to mention she can see my notes on my Iphone and read my emails.

How is she doing this? What can I do for her to stop seeing my information.

I have zero privacy.



Re: My wife sees everything on my iPhone

I can think of only 3 ways that someone can see everything on an iPhone like you have described:
1) Your iPhone is jailbroken and she has installed some sort of spyware on it that allows her to see everything you do
2) She knows all of your passwords (Whatssap, Song Pop, iCloud) and is logging in to each system to see what you're doing
3) She picks up your iPhone when you arent looking and goes through everything

If you suspect #1, you can easily UN-jailbreak your iPhone by connecting to iTunes and doing a "restore" (NOT from a backup, but as a 'new device')
If you suspect #2, change all of your passwords
If you suspect #3, put a pin/passcode lock on your iPhone or change the one you currently have

If you feel that none of these three possibilities are possible, then the only other explanation I can think of is that she has magical/ESP-like powers. So in that case, I would be nice to her and let her do whatever she wants.

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