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Want pupils for pupils!

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(if you gotta pupil that was YOUR BRUTE NAME plus POOPIL, that was me!)

Hello everyone, im going to pupil all you guys here, so be sure to hit me up back!

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Btw everyone, you should know that when you make a pupil, you have to level it up, so only offer to make pupils for others if your willing to level it up(it's really easy, you get 6 free fights, and even if you lose 4 times you still level up, or 2 wins).

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If you hate me or not, lets fight against me:

be my pupil

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I've got 2 silver wolves!! Pupil me and increase your chances (33% each time you level up) of getting either the rare silver wolf or the rare bear! I really wanted a bear but maybe one of you guys can get one after pupiling one of the two brutes I have down below: ---> silver wolf ---> silver wolf


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