Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?

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Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
It sounds like you are blocked.
Facebook Messenger

Hi I have a friend who I have always chatted to in messenger on Facebook. A few days ago something went wrong with his account. he came back online today ,we are still friends and he can write on my timeline, I cant write on his timeline, but I can comment on his photos, he can send me messages on messenger but I now have no message box at the bottom of screen for me to reply... I do have it on all other contacts, if I go into send a new message I can send one but not chat instantly with him? any ideas .. the screen shows him only as facebook user and no profile photo but we are Facebook friends. ???


Re: Facebook Messenger
have him check through all of his security, sharing and privacy settings to make sure he hasnt accidentally blocked you or increased the security settings on his account. If he's certain he has not changed anything then something is broken and there isnt much we can do for you. He would have to contact the near nonexistant Facebook Support or wait and hope that it someday fixes itself.
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Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
My friend says they have deactivated their account. But I can still see mutual friends and I can still add and tag them to photos.
Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
rocky bhandari
Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
use ohter account to search them on facebook if they blocked you, you still can find them on facebook page with other facebook ID if they deleted facebook account, you can't find them with other facebook ID.
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Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
There is a guy who is using a fake FaceBook page and putting nude picks up of his self. The name is B. Abu Hanifah. But this is not the quys real name. His real name is Tracy B. He is going on facebook talking to young girls, I think you need to ban his account.
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Re: Facebook: Deactivated or Blocked?
Time weast
My hart
my boyfriend is blocking me

I have boyfriend I using 3 accnts.but he always blocked to me with out anythjng rply..
can u deactivate his acctns. His nme is mohamad e.
his number is removed I hvd 3 accnts.but always he blocked with no any reasonl


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