Would you switch to "Facebook email" if it was offered ?




No, no, no, no, NO!


Facebook has had reliability issues for quite some time. Why would I give up Gmail to switch to a Facebook email? And of course with a Facebook email Facebook will know EVEN MORE of my personal info.. No thanks!

Gmail was hacked not long ago.


As a member of this site I know better than to trust these clowns with the kind of things that are in my email box. Besides, I have push gmail on my android phone. The Facebook app for android is trash. How about they fix that instead of throwing money at a market that's already been cornered, showing up to the party 8-12 years late. That's Microsoft's job.

A simple paid account somewhere is much safer than any free email account. It is not going to be the target of thieves. Paid email also shows you are serious about your presence on the web.

No I wouldn't. Facebook is watched by lets say forces that want to know too much. Its hard enough using your own name for professional purposes. Facebook is not private.

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