Facebook Faces Biggest Online Attack Yet

Facebook is always getting attacked, spammed, and flooded with random things so there are dozens of systems in place to protect users and Facebook itself. Unfortunately it seems that the attacks have stepped up a bit recently and Facebook isn’t quite sure what to do about them yet.

Like so many other Facebook spam messages this one has been spreading through the use of infected links and Facebook exploits. Users that click on a link to “shocking” news stories or images are often forced to agree to giving a Facebook app permission to post on their wall, this is exactly how the links spread through Facebook so rapidly. 

The current issue is not so much about the links or how they’re spreading, but about the content itself. The current stream of attacks and spam links have been spreading gruesome images and horrific pornography which really has Facebook concerned. Because of this Facebook is finally stepping up to do something that will hopefully stop the problem for good, but once again, you never know if it is actually going to work until they get things implemented. For now, just be VERY careful about clicking on any Facebook links that seem sketchy.





I've seen about 10 of these gruesome images today alone.. Still looking for the porn!!

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