Facebook – Harbinger of Doom or a Vial of Tranquility? – Part 1

I was a little under the weather this week (aren’t we all?). To be honest, us writers don’t have the perfect lifestyle. Sometimes the ham-powered mill in my head stops functioning; it’s a time when I just want to rest and forget everything within or around a mile’s radius. Above all, I like to keep myself under the illusion of a signed contract that binds me to devotedly write something for this great website.

This week’s post is going to be about Facebook. ‘What the Friggin’ world are you talkin’ about?’ – Yeah you might be thinking of saying that.

Hold that thought right there. First of all, this isn’t an ordinary post about Facebook - It’s something special, different and enlightening in the long run.

FacebookYet again, no matter how useful or useless this post going to prove, it won’t have any profound mass scale effect on Facebook or Facebook users. We’ll probably say ‘Ahhh well…’, or let out a sigh of really bad morning breath at most. Right afterwards, my dear readers will put it all behind their hairy backs and move on to be become figments of Facebook Timeline.

Facebook – What Inspired Me to Write About It?

Somewhere down in Mini-Apple (still known as Minneapolis to some folks from Generation X these days) at 10:00 in the A.M, I was trying to hail a Taxi. I had an arm sticking out to the side, which lopsidedly waved once in a while, ushering random taxis to stop. Soon enough, my ride pulled in front of me.

After the usual ‘where tos’, ‘hellos’ and ‘hi’s’, the ‘taxi driver’, who looked like an old version of a young De-Niro from a similar titled movie, started talking about random things. Upon hearing about my lowlife writing gigs on the internet, he somehow convinced me to write about Facebook. This guy wasn’t really a huge Facebook fan – he was more of an anti-Facebook person.

“Facebook destroys marriages son, it really does”, “Facebook is driving insane chicks innately insaner over their online boyfriends’ follies, hence destroying the balance of relationships”, Facebook did this, Facebook did that to us – so on and so forth.

The neon lights of the outside buildings kind of created a gloomier atmosphere inside the cab. This is when I thought about writing something revealing about Facebook; this is when the rubber seats squeaked to my restlessness, this is when benediction took on a feisty trail of rapidly changing thoughts in my head. ‘Damn it, I have to write about this topic or else…’

We Love Facebook – Dude, Your Article Sucks!:

For argument’s sake, let’s say Facebook has billions of fans. Who am I kidding? Facebook does have a huge quantity of fans. However, a fraction of people don’t like this social media platform due to a variety of reasons.

So, if you are a Facebook fan and you’re thinking that this post doesn’t deserve to be written, I implore you to reconsider.

Argument A:

Facebook destroyed lives – it’s still continuing to do so.

Your Opinion:

Facebook didn’t destroy anything. It’s a technology. Everything depends on the subject of right and wrong usage.

Argument B:

What exactly does Facebook contribute to average American youngster?

Your Opinion:

Facebook is just a mere source of interaction. Once again, it’s a technology and it all boils down to excessive degree of right or wrong use!


You get the picture here, right? Whatever the argument is going to be, as a Facebook lover, you’ll always have something to negate the statistics, the dying breed of startling facts and the age old ‘O, its technology and you are the end user’ sort of comments.

I’m not blaming you because you want to use Facebook at least once a day - just to make sure that Zuckerberg is handling things right!!!

Among Facebook lovers, there’s a community of people who are unbiased. They think they like Facebook but they don’t know what this poison tipped electric pen is capable of doing. Such individuals are oblivious to privacy concerns. They probably use Facebook on ‘Default’ mode; the settings that came by default upon account activation.

Then again, there are people who have locked down every single thing in regards to their homemade concoction of privacy policy. However, Facebook is too smart for these users because it eventually gets a bite out of their personal lives, profile pictures or stuff like that.


Let’s Jump Into Privacy – Facebook Can, and Will, Use Your Profile Pictures!

You wake up the next day, like any other person. You just had your coffee and eventually log on to Facebook a few hours later. Imagine staring at a Facebook Ad for Milk Cartons. The funny thing would be your profile picture plastered on a virtual milk carton, probably saying, “XYZ Milk Company Always Makes It Fun and Tastier to Have a Set of Milky Whiskers! Call me a Diehard Milk Lovin’ ‘P*ssy’ - But I Love What This Company Has to Offer!

Or, how about some random ad with your face on it? Images of ‘I am Mr. Rogers and I approve this message’ sort of thought balloons in those ads, right next to your once popular profile photograph will always keep you worried about how Facebook will be using your privacy to its own advantage.

How to Stop Facebook from using your profile pictures?

By default, there’s an option nestled deep within your profile settings, which agrees to the use of Profile Pictures on Facebook Ads. From Friday onwards, this new policy came into effect; something that is automatically taking peoples’ consent to use their personal photos in anyway deemed possible.

Here’s something that I am quoting directly from a reliable source:

“On Friday, FACEBOOK will start using your photos in ads that will appear on the profile of your contacts. It is legal and was mentioned to you when you open an account .

To prevent this do the following: 
Home -> Account Settings -> Facebook Ads -> Ads shown by third parties -> Edit third party ad settings, 
then choose "No one" in the list and save the changes. “


Please don’t forget to share this with your friends.


Wait, What? Is This For Real?

Yeah, such policies are for reals, bro (and brodeths). Most likely, seeing to the magnitude of information shared on Facebook, a new set of policies to invade our privacies will be rolling in. Our job is to make sure that our personal info is safe as much as it’s possible.

The evil clutches of that money guzzlin’ dude: Zuckerberg, are just expanding beyond reach.

Did Facebook “ask” you for your permission when it went for that Timeline fad? No, noone did. The Timelines were automatically applied all of a sudden. If you don’t have Timeline applied to your profile, just wait for it to happen on its own. 

Some schools of thoughts beg to differ. People, who love to live under the grid, say that you gave up the right to safeguard your privacy, the moment you signed up for Facebook. Yeah, they are probably right. We are at the receiving end, where Facebook is just handing out a set of services to us. Every once in a while, the Facebook machine creates a steaming pile of crap, which has to be received because we don’t have a say in this matter.

It’s just like angry moms shoving spoons of sour tasting medicine down the throats of babies (that is so mean). Take it or DIE!!! The only thing difference here is that in case of Facebook, it ain’t any medicine; it’s a vial of poison.

I bet you are interested in reading more about the adverse side effects of using Facebook. Take some time off to brood, think things over and then come back later. It’ll make you feel better.

This concludes the first part of this post; hang in there for a second part. Have a great day, fellas. 



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