Facebook Home – The Android Launcher App for Idiots

For anyone who does not know me very well please let me explain just how much I dislike Facebook. There is not enough hatred in this world to explain how I feel about that social network or those who actually try to promote it. This social network was created by an individual who is so socially awkward that he started a website that allowed people to vote on girls having never seen their face in real life. This was the whole premise behind Facebook.

History of Facebook and Why It Sucks

As many of you may know Mark Zuckerberg for could not get laid so one night, after getting shot down, he went into his dorm room, started drinking, and found a way to get back at all these girls that had no interest in him. What he did was to create a website that was called Facemash. Students at Harvard University could vote on which girl was more attractive or unattractive based on the voting system.  Basically a "Hot or Not" ripoff. The only major difference was the fact that it was exclusive college students and nobody really knew who these particular girls were.

After that website was shut down he realized just how popular it could be to put girls faces on a website. Shocking, I know. After going through some coding issues he came up with The Facebook and the rest is history. I can clearly remember when Facebook was only available for college students and .edu e-mail addresses. At the time, I did not dislike Facebook nearly as bad as I do today. When Facebook opened up to public it basically flush that turd straight down the toilet.

Facebook Home for idiotsFacebook and Its Privacy Issues

As soon as Facebook opened to the public I knew that there would be major privacy issues as they were going to try to collect data on every single human being on the planet. I have been on Facebook maybe a total of three months my entire life. Every time I logged on all it did was piss me off. There were people from my past trying to get a job at my business. There were people who I knew in high school that had not talked to me in five or 10 years who were trying to become my "friends". And there were ex-girlfriends that wanted to know every single female that was a friend of mine on Facebook.

As you can guess this is an awesome life to live. Having to wake up every day and answer questions about different situations in your life is not my idea of a good time. I quickly deleted Facebook and made 100% certain that anybody that was my friend was willing to go above and beyond to actually contact me via telephone or talk to me face to face. HeavenFuckingForbid someone actually picks up the phone and is willing to talk to me.

Facebook Goes Public

I almost wanted the subtitle this section Facebook goes pubic but we will just name it Facebook goes public. When Facebook went public I knew that the company was going to slowly fall apart. There is nothing more difficult than trying to please shareholders. Facebook was not developed as a company to make money as it was developed as a way for college students to get laid. This is not an easy way to make money unless you're in the porn business or the prostitution business. It may be the case that Facebook is in both of those businesses and that's how they are creating revenue.

Anyway, when Facebook decided to go public on the NASDAQ they were going to have to change their entire business model. Instead of just offering basic services and games to users they were going to have to flush ads into their newsfeed. Anyone who has been on the Internet and made money through Internet advertising knows that social media is not a niche that clicks ads. In fact, I would imagine less than .1% of people on Facebook click and ad more than once a month. This is the reason the company does not make a significant amount of money.

Enter Facebook Home - The Android Launcher App

One of the things that Facebook does very well is to get college students and dipshits to use the Facebook app on their smartphone. By seeing all of this data going through smart phones Facebook tried to come up with a way to monetize it. This is why they created Facebook Home which is an Android launcher app. What this means is that anytime you turn your phone on and launch the app it will be running all the time no matter what. Anytime you look at your phone Facebook will stream updates across the home screen. Even when your screen is locked you will see Facebook updates.

What this tells me is that you have to be a complete freakin moron to update to this particular app. Facebook is going to track you every second of the day and use this data to either sell to other companies or push ads in your face. I know I'll get the argument that Google is doing the same thing with Google Now. They are collecting data, but Google has no desire to push ads in front of your face until you are actively searching for them. On Facebook you are not actively searching with the intent to buy. How many times have you gone on Facebook and looked for a used car for sale or a brand-new TV?

As stated, Facebook Home is the launcher app for idiots. The only people that will put this app on the phone are those that have no idea how bad the privacy concerns truly are. Every second your phone is on, Facebook will be tracking what you are doing. When you are looking at the Internet, when you are driving down the road, when you are talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend you will be tracked by Facebook. This is the same company that has proven they have no idea how to handle privacy concerns.

You can be rest assured that there's no way in hell a Facebook Home into a launcher app will ever be on my Google Nexus 4.  


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