Facebook now giving IP login information

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Facebook now giving IP login information

Facebook is now allowing you to view the IP address, general location, device name and type, and web-browser version for the last several people/devices that have accessed to your account. This is in addition to the Facebook "named device" security feature. This IP activity feature/service just started this morning and is activated by default. To view what IP's have logged-in to your Facebook account look under Account Settings and click "account security". You should see this new IP & login information listed under "account activity".. Hover your mouse over the "location name" to see what the IP address is. You can also "end" the activity (but I'm not sure yet what that does). Note that the location of the IP address is very general. You can type the IP address into a service like http://whois.domaintools.com to get a better IP location.


As Trinity and Hubby both correctly pointed out, it was not suggested this new feature had anything to do with anyone viewing one's page. 

At the end of April, the "name this device" feature was added under Account Setting - Account Security.  If one chose to participate, upon logging on they would see this:



After naming the computer an email would be automatically sent to the email on file with FaceBook.  If one logged in from a mobile device - the mobile device would NOT see this screen but would still be logged in this area and an email would be sent. 

Yesterday morning, a new feature was added under this same setting (Account Security).  It shows IP address, the approximate location - so far it's very approximate - OS/Computer and the time of the visit.


Unlike gmail, it does not keep a running tab of the last five login IP addresses.  It is actually showing the current login information.  In other words, unless there is another computer logged in* you are not going to "catch" someone who was previously in your account because that information gets knocked out once you login and are viewing it.

*Only once has it shown another computer logged in for me.  It was when I left my home computer logged in and signed in from a friend's house.  It then gave me the option to remotely "sign out" the "other" machine = my home machine.

We have been trying with different computers and mobile devices (but at the same IP) to "catch" someone in the account but it doesn't seem to work.  All the people I trust to be in and out of my account are under the same roof. 

I decided to try with a proxy server from one computer while another computer was signed in from our real IP. 

WARNING:  Using a popular free site that "hides" your IP, I logged into my daughter's account.  It used an IP from the UK and sent a red flag to FaceBook.  FaceBook then required us to verify the account the next time we logged in.  It did so by showing 7 tagged pictures of 7 "friends."  It gave a list of about 6 names and we had to correctly identify the "friend" by the photo.  NOT AN EASY TASK!!!  Some were baby pictures or pictures that had been photo-shopped into monochromatic green, gorillas tagged as people, etc.  It allows you to "pass" twice but after that if you don't guess right ... you are SOL for an hour and then you can comeback and do it again.  We were more successful the second time and we were asked if we recognized the "offending" IP address in the UK.  We said yes - but I wonder what happens if one says no.  I'm sure FaceBook would require you to change your password.  

I'm suspicisous so I wonder if this is a sneaky way to hone any photo recognition software by training it.  Additionally, what happens to businesses or people who have 100s of "friends.  No effin way I could have done that with all the photos 100s of people have on their FaceBook accounts.  It was really annoying.  Not a feature I was thankful that they added AT ALL!

Perhaps someone else can give it a few test runs and report back.


Re: Facebook now giving IP login information

Maybe I am wrong but this feature has been around for a while.  Also, it will show who "LOGGED" into your account, not the last person who viewed your account.  That would be like tracking and facebook does not do that.  In my understanding  it is a feature that is used to see if anyone tried to log into your account as you.  It's a great way to see if someone has access to your login and password such as a phisher

Re: Facebook now giving IP login information

[quote=kaffy]it will show who "LOGGED" into your account, not the last person who viewed your account.[/quote]

It's the first i've seen this! but then again, i havnt been looking that hard. and yes, it's who LOGGED into your account - it doesnt say anything about who viewed your account (does it?)

Re: Facebook now giving IP login information

I'm pretty sure that's what Bare said... info about who accessed your account... accessed and logged in mean the same thing... unless they said viewed somewhere I overlooked.

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 interesting!! i think my main account was compromised a few days ago ill have to check this out. thanks! i dont want to thread jack but i have a question regarding IP addresses. is it possible to trace or find the IP of someone through facebook messages sent and received?

Re: Facebook now giving IP login information


i have a question regarding IP addresses. is it possible to trace or find the IP of someone through facebook messages sent and received?


No.. Facebook messages don't carry any IP info like an email does.

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facebook login information
i have a questions . me and my husband use same facebook account . so whenever he login from his work place i can see his login details . but i cant see my login details . why? ? i can see his details but not mine why? can he can sees my login details from his office? or from both of computer we can see each othres login timing ? please i let me know . i am curious to know about it. thanks
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it is possible to obtain someone's IP address via a message though you just need to add something that will be loaded off a server that you pretty much own or has the functionality to see the "hits"/connections. For example you could put an image into a message that you're going to send to the targeted person that you'll be obtaining an IP address from As soon as they open it, their browser will automatically load the image, thus making the connection to your server, after that you'll have their IP address Overall I think having an IP address is useless unless you need it for tracking a stolen item, but even then it pretty much falls into the hands of law enforcement to handle the personal information such as the IP address's owner/real address/name It would be nice if there was a service like this on the internet, or maybe someone has already created it, who knows.,.,
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Re: Facebook now giving IP login information
how do you view there ip address though ? i have had a lot of money stolen off me and im trying to track it down but the girl has moved to melbourne and i want to obtain her ip address to find my money thanks so much
Re: Facebook now giving IP login information

Like he said, you have to have a web-server of your own, you have to trick the person into downloading something from that server, then you have to go through the logs of that server to get the IP address.
The only problem is that the IP address will be 100% useless unless you get a court-order to give to the Internet Service Provider that owns that IP address to force them to turn over the customer info for who was using the IP address.

Re: Facebook now giving IP login information
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