Facebook keeps disabling my account

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Facebook keeps disabling my account

hi guys can somebody please help me? so after 10yrs of being on facebook they have disabled my account! after countless emails to them calling numbers what dont work..ive had absolutely nothing from them at all? very frustrating as you can imagine...so i decided to make another account which was fine for about 3months now that has bin disabled too!! ive tryed makeing other accounts with changeing my name around and different emails but within 15minutes or so its gone!!! my question is do they disabled you and block your ip address? why carnt i make another account/ ? ive even tryed at my moms address thinkin different ip address ? but no! soon as i come home its gone! can someone help me please thank you



Re: Facebook keeps disabling my account

It's clear that Facebook has decided they don't want you on their system anymore.
What was the reason for your account being disabled in the first place?

Re: Facebook keeps disabling my account

How do you know the accounts are being disabled? Are you getting a message that says "this account has been disabled" ?

Re: Facebook keeps disabling my account

To set up a new account, you need a different e-mail address and a different name.

Re: Facebook keeps disabling my account

Welcome to the world where facebook doesn't like you. I keep being banned for the most minor of things (making a joke at ISIS expense 30 days) and every account I make so I can talk to my friends is disabled instantly not even 15 minutes about 30 seconds for me. This is how it will always be once you are on their naughty list. I am moving over to minds at this point. If facebook wishes to bully me so be it. I get death threats, threats of bodily harm etc and they say they do not violate the rules but me making a joke at ISIS expense does and I get banned in 30 seconds tops for it when the other takes a week to go through is bollocks. There is no fix just facebook hates you and will push you around because they can. Everything I do on my main account is monitored PM a friend a dirty joke meme banned in 30 seconds for a week and such. They really hate me. No matter what I do I can do nothing about it. I run a few pages I need to keep up to date but facebook hates me so they will die.

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