problems loggin into facebook!

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problems loggin into facebook!

ok so heres the deal...
i'm pretty sure i had a virus issue on my comp abt 2 weeks ago and abt 2 days ago i formatted my computer... so i thought all my problems would end there.
but even after formatting the comp i cant login to my facebook account. As in the facebook hompegae turnsup and i type my user and password and the HOME page comes but my profile, inbox or invitations, NOTHING comes on after that... the status bar on the browser shows that its loading but it stops half way and even for the next 10 -15 mins it stays that way. up until today i was able to login to facebook through a proxy tunnel site but now i cant even do that cz NOTHING comes on!!! does anyone have a clue what is up??
i have tried everything... clearing cookies, defragmenting, disk cleanup, virus scans the works... i even started using firefox thinking it was a prob with IE 6 but clearly its st else.... i think it has st to do with not getting the facebook cookies... and add to that my comp is major slow now!!! i really dunno what to do can anyone pleasessssssssss help me!?!?!?
Thank you ever-so much a bunch!!


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