Fake IRS Call (703) 828-0319 / (800) 829-1040

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Fake IRS Call (703) 828-0319 / (800) 829-1040

Just got a call with an automated message from a female voice, with a strong accent, that could barely get the words out, that the IRS had filed charges against me and I had better call them back at (703) 828-0319. It was so clearly obvious that this was fake, I wasn't worried for a moment, but I'm posting here just in case someone else gets worried. The caller ID came up as (800) 829-1040 but that probably changes.

If you get a phone call urging you to call them back at (703) 828-0319 before you get arrested, ignore it. It's a fake/scam.



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Fake IRS Call 703 828-0319
I got this call yesterday. Stupid indian lady barely speaks english I hope nobody falls for whatever scam they are running.
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IRS Phone Call From (703) 828-0319 / (800) 829-1040
I got a call from Officer Richard ????. Same drill. Sounded phoney, but I did call. Always busy. Never got through.
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Re: Fake IRS Call (703) 828-0319 / (800) 829-1040
Received a similar call asking that I call 360-861-4626. Caller ID was UNKNOWN NAME 1.
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IRS Call from (800) 829-1040

Received a call today from a lady with Indian Accept posing as Carolyn Reed. I agreed with the stupid comment. She was trying to threaten me than there has been a tax fraud and she needs name of my criminal lawyer
The caller ID was 800-829-1040
I hope IRS takes a note of this scam

IRS Call Scam (703) 828-0319 / (800) 829-1040

I just received a call, and the Gentlemen had a Indian accent and he asked for not sure if he said Kim or Tim , I said what he said still not sure what he said but I said no one here by those names here, and then nothing for a while and then it went click so I knew had to be a scam , cause 1 IRS does not call you and two why did they not say last name they need to catch these scammers and put them behind bars.

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