Fake Myspace hijacked!

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Fake Myspace hijacked!

I had a great fakespace, but was too lazy or confident to change the email addy from mailinator.  Well, about 2 weeks ago I couldn't log in all of a sudden.  Now I see that someone has taken it over.  The person changed the name to Yucko. They can't change the user name though. I emailed to ask why they did this.  They did not read the email.  Not many people know about mailinator.  I first heard about it here, I think. 


This person deleted all of my content so I had to put a new fakespace together.  Some of you got friend request explaining.




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Re: Fakespace hijacked!

 oh geeze~ that stinks. Some people have waaaay too much time on their hands and feel the need to create trouble. Im sorry that happened to you. I guess on the positive side, it was just a fakespace, and not your real one!


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Re: My myspace messed with?

I logged into to my myspace and noticed that my mood has been changed to something that I don't remember changing it to. I know for sure that no one has my password and if someone wanted to mess with me they would do more than change my mood, right.  It's very strange though - when I went to view my own status updates to get the date and time of when it was changed - it's not listed. Has this happened to anyone recently or am I just losing it? LOL

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