FAO anime and manga readers, help!

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FAO anime and manga readers, help!

Hope someone can help.

I'm more of a comic reader and have read some mangas. Lately i've been wanting to read more mangas and found that 20th century boys was recommended.  Now i've only so far read mangas online or downloaded but i want to start buying those that i enjoy.

I dont know whether there are manga readers on here but i think there are anime lovers on here who may know more about this stuff.

I cannot find anywhere e.g. on amazon, 20th century boys, the english translated version. Amazon says unavailable. Does this mean that the official english translation hasnt been out? Am i correct in thinking that i'll have to read the scanned fan version for the time being?


replies appreciated :)



Re: FAO anime and manga readers, help!

What comics are you into? I mostly read comics but have read a few manga. Mostly I like the fairly brutal stuff, like Battle Royale, Arm of Kannon, I started Berserk but haven't read all that I own yet. DBZ is one of my favs but I prefer the cartoon. The first manga I ever read in its entirety was Outlanders. That was over 15 years ago, and it blew my mind cause it was so different than the American stuff... I know there's a couple people on here more into manga than I am.

Re: FAO anime and manga readers, help!

Huh... 20th Century Boys doesn't seem to be alllll that popular... a few places claim you can download it (try googling 20th century boys manga download) although I did find THIS on ebay...

Wikipedia says there are 22 volumes... so you'll be doing some tracking lol... ebay didn't seem to have a complete set going

You might also want to check out THIS ARTICLE... says something about it being brought to the US in February of 2009... My guess is manga.. but I've been wrong before.


<---- *squeals* look what found for meeeee mwahahah!! *rubs hands diabolically*

Re: FAO anime and manga readers, help!

thanks for looking animestrinity.... :( feb 2009 i guess it is [no wonder cant buy it yet in english]. Makes me wonder how much they are losing as by the time i've finished reading the scanned versions, i'd no longer want to buy. I just thought it'd be nice to have a hardcopy in my hands.


iamthedevil.....i come and go in phases with comics. I enjoy reading them, but its easy for me to forget about a series as they're monthly etc. I'll collect loads and then read them non stop lol. i'm into non superhero type. I started reading bits of batman from a friend [a mad batman fan] and i've read x-men..superhero wise i'm more familiar with the Marvel World but know bits about DC. I think the thing that puts me off the superhero stuff is that there are so many and are so long that i cant be bothered. I've read just off the top of my head...Preacher, Y the last man, walking dead erm....girls [luna brothers stuff]....I just go on zcult and have a good gander.


Manga wise, Battle Royale was my first ever manga that i read. Gory it was but loved it due to the psychology of it all. Didnt like the movie though [probbaly would have if i hadn't read the manga].  Deathnote, erm, monster [same person who wrote 20th century boys], fruits basket and i'm starting to read full metal alchemist. I just google in recommended manga and go from there. I'lls tya away from really long series like DMZ though....would take me forever. I read that Berserk was supposedly good. Thats what i like with manga etc..different from american stuff. Want to start watching anime but some series are really long and i fear i'll get too addicted and have no life lol.

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