FBI Issues Warning for Android Users

Android MalwareAndroid users are now beginning to face the same issues that PC users have dealt with for years, viruses and spyware. Due to the popularity and abundance of Android devices more and more malicious programs and apps are being developed to pray on unsuspecting Android users, and the FBI wants everyone to be prepared.


There are two major malware apps out there right now, both of which are designed to steal user data. One of the malicious programs, Loozfon, reportedly installs itself onto a users’s phone and then proceeds to send contact info and other private information back to the creator. The other app, FinFisher, is designed to give remote access to your phone, meaning whoever is behind it can access anything and everything.


Both of these are pretty major risks, but for most Android users they shouldn’t be a problem. If an app requests permissions or tries to install itself, you still have the ability to click no. That alone will prevent a majority of attacks. Avoid installing apps from sources other than the Google Play Store and things should be pretty much 100% safe.




So apps in the Google Play Store are 100% safe? Are the Apps checked by Google before being made public?

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