FCC allowing Hollywood to break your DVR

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FCC allowing Hollywood to break your DVR

I couldn't be very original with the title, it summed it up pretty well...

FCC Gives Hollywood The Right To Break Your TV/DVR... Just 'Cause

Basically the FCC has granted Hollywood the right to make your DVR not work... so that they can release PPV versions of movies before DVD releases... What happens is that the movies that they release on PPV will have a type of DRM put on them that takes away your ability to record them... or replay them... or something.

I like how they blog brings up that Hollywood's reason for doing this is because if they allow them to be recorded, then that will in turn increase the availability of the movie on illegal sharing clients/sites... and then the blog goes on to mention that it's stupid because anything that's been released in theater is already illegally available.

Now what pisses *me* off about this, is that if I PAY to watch the movie on tv, and I PAY for my DVR and I PAY for my digital cable subscription, what right does Hollywood have to break something I own and payed for, even if temporarily? I payed to see it, I should be able to watch it when and how I want. For some reason I get a flashback to the lawsuits against SONY over the audio CD's that would install rootkits on your PC and cause havoc, all in fear of having the music copied.

I didn't read the PDF on the matter, but if your DVR can't record it at all, then you can't pause it or rewind it or anything even when you're not officially recording it to your DVR...

I honestly don't understand why movies aren't available on DVD as soon as the movie is out of theaters.

And, besides... there's always a way around this stuff... if someone's going to create an illegal copy of it, it's going to happen whether they do this or not... So it seems to me, that all they're doing is pissing off possible paying customers... while not making much difference to the pirates.

I invite someone to read the pdf and elaborate on the technical details... just the fact that it's in pdf form means it's too boring for me to pay attention to.


Yes I know the article is biased, but that's what happens when people do stupid things.



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Re: FCC allowing Hollywood to break your DVR

 All DRM ever does is inconvenience the people that actually pay. Pirates will pirate even if only to make it more convenient to watch. This sounds like a really dumb plan and I'm glad I don't do DVR anymore. 

Re: FCC allowing Hollywood to break your DVR

I've never been able to DVR a PPV movie.. I guess Charter is ahead of their time...

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