February Update

Just another quick update so you know what's been going on at GrownUpGeek.com - We haven't sent a "monthly" update since December, so we figured it was about time.

Website Performance:

Hubby has made a few changes recently and it's really made the entire website a lot faster - If you have a high-speed Internet connection you should notice a big difference in how fast pages load, how fast comments post, etc.

Forum Areas:

There is a LOT going on in the forums. Some of the busy ones are:

We have also created a few new forum areas based on member-requests:

GrownUpGeek (GuG) Blogs:

We just started testing our free blogs for members. If you are interested in getting your own GuG-Blog and helping us test the new service, send an email to hubby@grownupgeek.com and let him know.


That's it for now GuG'ees. See you at the site!