Can't figure this one out!

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Can't figure this one out!

When i got home this afternoon i hurried up to open up my pc but to my surprise a command appeared on my screen it was "a disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+del to restart" the rest was black screen. then i follow what its command and there was the option appeared there when i press F8 then it appeared a pile of menu of options then i clicked "Last known good configuration" then at the end of it a command appeared "The hard disk cannot be opened because of the missing file: Windows/system32/ntkoskrnl.exe" i think it was the kernel of the windows or whatever i'm not sure. I tried to reformat it and insert the windows XP intaller to repair it but it hanged and then i've decided to reformat it but my 2 partions where not been filled with files it was really very weird to understand it read on my Local Disk which is the drive C: that i only used 1MB but as i remembered i have a lot of programs that i have installed on it...
This were my history before this happens...
1. I got a Recycler Virus from my School and downloaded a Flash Disinfector to partially deactivate the virus creating a hidden folder that contains the files from the said disinfector the folder was called autorun.inf...
2. Downloads youtube videos using Alive video downloader...
3. I enable the Autoplay in my group policy to avoid auto plays for the device that will be inserted by me or other users of my pc to avoid a virus to come in quickly and i got two anti - viruses the one is AVG and the other is the USB anti-virus to make sure that it detects before performing a task using the devices so its really weird even my brother who nurses his pc everytime an error occur cannot distinguish the error that happened to my pc!
Hope you can help me because i need my PC a lot more this time for studying! :(



Re: Can't figure this one out!

Google around for a some free hard drive testing/diagnostic software and verify that the hard drive is ok. You might be able to get on from your hard drive manufacturer's web site - if not, there are a million others to choose from. You will need one that you can boot up from a CD ROM or USB drive and run.

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Re: Can't figure this one out!
Hubby is spot-on suspecting a failing hard drive.  A bad hard drive will commonly give these exact errors you have even though it's spinning and seems to work.  Hopefully you don't have important data on it (since it seems you attempted a reformat). Once diagnosed as bad, don't bother with "repair" utilities such as chkdsk (Check Disk).  If a drive begins having problems, it continues to go downhill.  Get a new drive of the same type.  Your recovery disks should install your out-of-the-box installation just fine to this new hard drive. What do you buy and where?  Your drive is either
  •  2.5" (laptop) or 3.5" (desktop)
  • SATA or IDE (PATA)
Try newegg... they have great prices.  Get one that runs at 7200rpm with at least the storage capacity (GB) of your old one.  

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