How to get your child's Facebook password

If you are already aware of the dangers of Facebook, Myspace, chatrooms, etc, and suspect that your child may be endangering him or herself, it might be a parental necessity for you to monitor your child's activity on Facebook, Myspace or other websites to ensure their safety. If you own the computer that your child uses to access the internet, it may not only be fully legal to access or monitor their Facebook, Myspace or email accounts, but in some cases it may be your duty to do so.

How to find your child's passwords

Unfortunately there is no magic code or hack to obtain passwords for Facebook, email, Myspace, chat-rooms or other systems. Most of these systems are very secure and are difficult if not nearly impossible to 'crack'. You can however capture or record their password as they use it on each system by installing password capturing software, otherwise known as child safety monitoring software. These programs are inexpensive and can be easily downloaded directly from the internet and installed on your computer in minutes.

Find the passwords and have full access

By using one of the password finder or child surveillance programs available for download on the internet, you can see who your child is chatting with or sending email to and help ensure their safety.  These keylogger type programs will record and log everything typed on your computer (such as passwords, chat-room chats, emails) and allow you to review it later.  Most of these keylogger or parental monitoring programs are inexpensive, they often have a free-trials and they can be easily downloaded and installed in minutes.  The better keylogger programs work well because once installed they are virtually undetectable - No other users of the computer will know it's there, and YOU are the only person that can access it.  Prices will range from free to $99, but we recommend staying away from the free programs as they may not be trustworthy and may have little or no support. 



These people who say you shouldnt monitor your childs internet activity are do dont have the capacity for rational thought until they are in their mid 20's or later..they will do things to endanger themselves and quite possibly You in the process of instant gratification with no fore thought to others..and those who say their kids arent like that are like Pit Bull owners who dont think their dog will bite. wake up Parents.

There is a huge difference between monitoring their activity and keeping tabs on every conversation they engage with, you can see what sites they visit or block certain types of data through other means... really it would be easier for the kid to get away with it if they had a parent like you who thinks they can't be trusted under ANY circumstances. Simple as creating an alternate account. There is always something that they are going to be doing that you don't know about, and intruding is only justifying the action. They are still human beings, I would venture to say that most adults don't behave rationally either, it has nothing to do with specific age it is the cumulation of realized and considered rationality in general that leads to proper choices... most of the time such things as aggressively preventative punishment-esque schemes only alienate. Really, how is you being aware of the things your child does(that every child supposedly does) help the situation if it can't be helped as you imply?

wow you are ridiculous, so your parents made all your decisions for you and watched you like a hawk until you reached your mid 20's. I don't know how i survived without my parents monitoring every second. My own brother was running nursing homes by the age of 22, I didn't see my parents monitoring him. I love how some adults act like they were never kids and that they themselves never make mistakes as adults.

Nice spelling there, seriously, did you even graduate past Jr. High? And the you question OUR intelligence?

The best thing for a childs point of view is to not let their parents hack into any of thier habbits, the best thing for a parents point of view is to protect their child. I could imagine how tempting it'd be to check on your child, but truly I think it's unnecessary unless you have a lack of trust in your child. They'd be aufly grateful if you didn't altogether, I mostly hide my screen because the privacy problem. I'm not really doing anything bad on the web, I'm not like that, but I do discourage the lack of trust which would be better as a family matter than a one-way-discussion. I honestly guarantee that you can tell if they are hiding anything by you simply asking them, their expression tells you everything. If you truly must because you are afraid that your child it doing illegial and innapropriate actions online, do as you wish but it'd be better to resolve any confusion and suspicions once and for all. My mother only wishes know who I was emailing, because once someone was harrassing me online but I knew them. I confronted him and fixed the problem together with my mom, yet all that suspicion drives her insane. Altogether, unless you have to don't hack your childs' computer. They'll never forigve you for it and it can drive them into hiding more thus more conflict.

how about encourage an open relationship with your kids. dont punish them or tell them what to do, lead them. help them as a friend, dont try to control them. otherwise you will never truelly know your kid. if you hack onto their myspace or facebook they will never trust you again. WWJD

how about encourage an open relationship with your kids. dont punish them or tell them what to do, lead them. help them as a friend, dont try to control them. otherwise you will never truelly know your kid. if you hack onto their myspace or facebook they will never trust you again. WWJD Do you have teenage children? Didn't think so. Our 14 y/o lies about everything and is like a "crack addict" when it comes to social media. We have done everything. Taken away all access to computers, her kindel, web enabled cell phones, and told her she is not allowed to be on-line. Some how she is still getting on-line???? Numerous searches of her person and room have turned up no device. She stays up to 4am and then can't get up in time for school. She is addicted.

How does this support the argument that you should be logging into her private account? Really you did not address the issue you argued against at all.

If you 'know about her getting online' then obviously all of her resources weren't taken away. AND if you had, then why are you still 'checking up' on her? You are ridiculous. Let her make her own choices.


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