How to get your child's Facebook password

If you are already aware of the dangers of Facebook, Myspace, chatrooms, etc, and suspect that your child may be endangering him or herself, it might be a parental necessity for you to monitor your child's activity on Facebook, Myspace or other websites to ensure their safety. If you own the computer that your child uses to access the internet, it may not only be fully legal to access or monitor their Facebook, Myspace or email accounts, but in some cases it may be your duty to do so.

How to find your child's passwords

Unfortunately there is no magic code or hack to obtain passwords for Facebook, email, Myspace, chat-rooms or other systems. Most of these systems are very secure and are difficult if not nearly impossible to 'crack'. You can however capture or record their password as they use it on each system by installing password capturing software, otherwise known as child safety monitoring software. These programs are inexpensive and can be easily downloaded directly from the internet and installed on your computer in minutes.

Find the passwords and have full access

By using one of the password finder or child surveillance programs available for download on the internet, you can see who your child is chatting with or sending email to and help ensure their safety.  These keylogger type programs will record and log everything typed on your computer (such as passwords, chat-room chats, emails) and allow you to review it later.  Most of these keylogger or parental monitoring programs are inexpensive, they often have a free-trials and they can be easily downloaded and installed in minutes.  The better keylogger programs work well because once installed they are virtually undetectable - No other users of the computer will know it's there, and YOU are the only person that can access it.  Prices will range from free to $99, but we recommend staying away from the free programs as they may not be trustworthy and may have little or no support. 



Will getting her passwords prevent this? People need to thimk before they speak.

just turn off your modem and dont let them shut the computer down

The Best thing you can do in ANY relationship is TALK to each other. If you can't do that, it may take a lot of time and a lot of love, but keep trying as you have been. Most of the time when issues arise that children do not trust their parents, it is because their parents feel like the have no "right" to be involved with what their children do. Please be involved in your child's life, it is the best thing you can do as a parent!! Don't be afraid to offend your child if you KNOW it is going to be for their own good! That is what parents are for! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Well, all of you parents on here seriously have no trust for your kids. I can't believe the lengths that parents are willing to go to find out their kids password. Parents need to trust that their kid is going to be fine on the internet, without getting "cyber bullied" or making bad choices. I mean if you are worried about it, after all you raised them. So that basically means you are going against what you raised. Fail parents.

well I guess the parents whose kids have shot up a school wish they had,and so must the parents who lost children

Welllllll, under most circumstances kids who do that tend to have a messed up childhood and life living at home. Obviously if you are worried about that you need to talk to your son(s ) or/and daughter(s ). Kids who do that generally have messed up home lives and/or minds as a matter of fact. So if you are worried, again, please consider talking to your kid(s )

Yall need to shut the fudge up, becuase if something happen to yall lil grown ass kids u wuld want 2 knw wat go on in there life too! yes a child does need privacy but these days that is too much to ask...a little girl down the street from where i saty (She was 9 years old) Got snatched up by some grwon men in a car, they put her in the trunk and it was four of them. So sometimes its ok for parents to know depending on why they are concerned!

Thank you so much for that tip! Now we all know: Knowing your kids Facebook and myspace passwords will prevent them from beeing snatchedup by strangers in the street

Learn to spell and all you need is a simple key logger jeez

Does that have anything to do with the internet? Didn't think so.


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