How to get your child's Facebook password

If you are already aware of the dangers of Facebook, Myspace, chatrooms, etc, and suspect that your child may be endangering him or herself, it might be a parental necessity for you to monitor your child's activity on Facebook, Myspace or other websites to ensure their safety. If you own the computer that your child uses to access the internet, it may not only be fully legal to access or monitor their Facebook, Myspace or email accounts, but in some cases it may be your duty to do so.

How to find your child's passwords

Unfortunately there is no magic code or hack to obtain passwords for Facebook, email, Myspace, chat-rooms or other systems. Most of these systems are very secure and are difficult if not nearly impossible to 'crack'. You can however capture or record their password as they use it on each system by installing password capturing software, otherwise known as child safety monitoring software. These programs are inexpensive and can be easily downloaded directly from the internet and installed on your computer in minutes.

Find the passwords and have full access

By using one of the password finder or child surveillance programs available for download on the internet, you can see who your child is chatting with or sending email to and help ensure their safety.  These keylogger type programs will record and log everything typed on your computer (such as passwords, chat-room chats, emails) and allow you to review it later.  Most of these keylogger or parental monitoring programs are inexpensive, they often have a free-trials and they can be easily downloaded and installed in minutes.  The better keylogger programs work well because once installed they are virtually undetectable - No other users of the computer will know it's there, and YOU are the only person that can access it.  Prices will range from free to $99, but we recommend staying away from the free programs as they may not be trustworthy and may have little or no support. 



I hate all parents that are like you. Who cares if your kid is using innapropriate language or whatever it may be on facebook. The true problem these days is drugs. Kids need to be watched there, but just leave them alone otherwise. Same thing with sexting. If your kid engages in those acts and they get in over their head, let that be their decision.

That's fine and dandy. Until it happens. You are legally responsible for your child until they are of age. Just saying I don't want to have to tell everyone that my child is a sex offender, or something along those lines. I especially do not want to pay their fines if they were to get in trouble. I know those sound extreme but it is one of the 'What Ifs', that if i can prevent, I would like to.

I disagree. That's like saying kids should know about their parents sex life? Are you serious? Not all teenagers do wrong, some just get angry with their parents when they dont trust them. Get over yourself, your obviously one of those control freaks who can't trust their child. Parents have no right to their child's private social discussions. Would you want your kid to know everything you say? I doubt it. If you raise you're kid right you shouldn't doubt your parenting. You can talk to your kid, have a relationship with them if you want to know what their doing unless you're not close to them unlike a good parent. This website is bogess.

A parents sex life and Facebook are completely different.

Actually he 's not a kid anymore,he 's 19 and he is not with me,he is a grown up and as a father i will not quit his decision.

Your mom birthed you, fed you, raised you, and cared for you well enough for you to survive till the age of 15. She has every right to make sure you're safe and making good decisions. If you had nothing to hide and she found nothing then why do you even care as long as she's not talking to your friends or posing as you. You destroyed your relationship with your mother because she cared enough to make sure you were being good. Everyone in my family knows my facebook password. What kind of sad idiot are you?

She obviously cares enough to put up with you. Feed you. Shelter you... Get where I am going with this?

Uhmm, wow. All I have to say is why let them be on the internet if you are so concerned of their safety? To the parent who's childrens friends were raped, why is it ANY concern of yours? It isn't. That is their personal issue that frankly you should not be involved with, and it your daughter was trying to help her with that then damn, she was raised with good morale and judgement. Kids are going to be brought up with this in school as well, what are you going to do, set up cameras everywhere? Probably not. All I have to say is if you don't want them getting a FaceBook or MySpace, then block the site on your computer and if you really can't trust your own children that you as parents have brought up then don't let them around bad kids or move to a 'safe neighborhood' and more importantly, establish a good OPEN relationship with them, and if you are going to check things, don't do it behind their back! If they aren't hiding anything, they should be more than willing to sow it to you themselves.

This is pathetic. Leave your kids alone. If you raised them right, they wont get into trouble.

If you knew even anything about raising children, you would know that you could raise them like a saint, but there will always be rebellious children. It is obvious you do not have, and never had children. Keep your ignorance in your own sad, thoughtless head.


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