How to get your child's Facebook password

If you are already aware of the dangers of Facebook, Myspace, chatrooms, etc, and suspect that your child may be endangering him or herself, it might be a parental necessity for you to monitor your child's activity on Facebook, Myspace or other websites to ensure their safety. If you own the computer that your child uses to access the internet, it may not only be fully legal to access or monitor their Facebook, Myspace or email accounts, but in some cases it may be your duty to do so.

How to find your child's passwords

Unfortunately there is no magic code or hack to obtain passwords for Facebook, email, Myspace, chat-rooms or other systems. Most of these systems are very secure and are difficult if not nearly impossible to 'crack'. You can however capture or record their password as they use it on each system by installing password capturing software, otherwise known as child safety monitoring software. These programs are inexpensive and can be easily downloaded directly from the internet and installed on your computer in minutes.

Find the passwords and have full access

By using one of the password finder or child surveillance programs available for download on the internet, you can see who your child is chatting with or sending email to and help ensure their safety.  These keylogger type programs will record and log everything typed on your computer (such as passwords, chat-room chats, emails) and allow you to review it later.  Most of these keylogger or parental monitoring programs are inexpensive, they often have a free-trials and they can be easily downloaded and installed in minutes.  The better keylogger programs work well because once installed they are virtually undetectable - No other users of the computer will know it's there, and YOU are the only person that can access it.  Prices will range from free to $99, but we recommend staying away from the free programs as they may not be trustworthy and may have little or no support. 



What child needs to have privacy like that?! Thats why they are called CHILDREN! Yes, they are being raised, but the fact of the matter is they are NOT grown! If parents started being parents and not trying to be their child's "friend" then a lot of these issues wouldn't happen. Also, no matter how much you try and embed certain things and no matter how much you try and raise them right, at the end of the day, they STILL may make the wrong choice. Its called "trust" NOT "stupidity". lil cousin just ran off yesterday after talking with about 30 different men on FaceBook yeah i feel you parents out there wondering whats going on? so now you got a imature kid out there with a 2 month old baby running back and forth with various guys she met in a chatroom...nice..far as im concerened...if its your cpu and you want a keylogger to check whats going on on YOUR computer then theres nothing illegal about it because itd help stop the situation like what im in..see if i wouldve just hacked her account id know where she just ran her infant baby yeah...fudge your privacy laws...because you never know who all could be in danger and of what...and really this doesnt have shit to do with the parents it was a school thing..she jumped on her mom because some friends told her itd be a good idea got kicked out and moved here lol..even though its not funny itd stop a lot of drama

" lil cousin just ran off yesterday after talking with about 30 different men on FaceBook yeah" Glad that you care...

Sorry teen these are different times if you were honest and good you would be ok with parents looking into what you are doing my granddaughter why dont you trust me i hate you all well we found very bad stuff for a 15 year old girl so wake up all you teenagers tough love needs to come back parents keep looking you will i said you will find their lies

Anonymous Visitor wrote:
Sorry teen these are different times if you were honest and good you would be ok with parents looking into what you are doing my granddaughter why dont you trust me i hate you all well we found very bad stuff for a 15 year old girl so wake up all you teenagers tough love needs to come back parents keep looking you will i said you will find their lies

After re-reading that a few times, trying to muddle my way through your atrocious grasp of punctuation, grammar and the English language in general, I have come to the solid conclusion that you're an absolute idiot.

Right, I'm 14 and a Facebook user.

"Hacking" into your child's Facebook account is first of all, at the very core, a blatant breach of their privacy. Their Facebook account, if anything, is an extension of their life - identification, opinions, pictures, thoughts, conversations, a diary. We can choose who to show this information to. By hacking it, you might as well own their brain, know every detail of their lives, and I'm sure THAT at least is a breach of human rights. How would you like it if someone knew everything you did? No one lives a model life, not even adults - you're bound to find something slightly incriminating, be it a swear word or a middle finger in a profile picture. You can't force that sort of control on teenagers, that's just wrong.

You must also remember, we've grown up with technology. We don't need instruction booklets - we know it INSTINCTIVELY. You could hand us a brand new, prototype iPhone 5, heralding it as one of the most complicated gadgets ever invented and we'll have it figured out in about 20 minutes. So, we know when someone's not who they say they are, we know not to give out personal information. There's one thing you have to accept - the younger generation will always have a better grasp on technology, no matter how wise or experienced you adults think you are. For once, you don't know best.

As for your granddaughter, she probably did nothing wrong. Hell, by the sounds of "honest and good", back in your day women were arrested for showing too much ankle. And if she DID do something wrong, that has nothing to do with Facebook, that means your child sucks at parenting - deal with it. Studies show a child has fully developed their character by the age of 9 - if they're deceitful now, they were deceitful years ago and the parents did something wrong.

Don't hack their Facebook. It's worse than stalking. Every human being has a right to privacy, parenthood is irrelevant. If they did screw up - it's your fault, not ours. To monitor their Facebook is to sit in on every conversation, every human interaction, every opinion. That's just cruel.

As a parent, and someone who grew up in the age of technology, I see your point. However, as a fourteen year old boy/ have no privacy. You are your parents child, and they can do as they please with you until your eighteen. You don't have a facebook, you have a facebook that your parents let you have, bottom line, your facebook is their facebook, your iphone is your parents iphone, and anything that you have, is your parents property. Whether it is your email, texts, cellphone contacts, or personal mail from a girlfriend/boyfriend, money, ANYTHING THAT YOU HAVE IS YOUR PARENTS PROPERTY UNTIL YOU TURN EIGHTEEN. You have no privacy, except what your parents decide to give you. Furthermore, you don't know what is right and what is wrong, you don't know anything that you think you know, I am saying that to you out of experience, not just trying to prove you wrong. I am nineteen and have a four year old daughter, and I can guarantee that when she hits age to have a facebook, cell phone, or any new technology that will be around than...I will be the one that watches her every move and reads her emails and knows who her friends are, because as a parent, I have the right to know.

That is just crazy this day and time you have to keep track of your kids. You never know who is talking to your kids. For all you know it can be a rapist contacting your child and you have the right to know who they are talking about.

"Not all kids are equal and, likewise, not all parents are equal." To all the teenagers/kids/immature or immoral adults in this thread: You have the right to behave in a morally acceptable and legal manner. You DO NOT have the right to behave in an immoral or illegal manner! If you respect your parents and the Law and behave accordingly then your parents/carers/authorities have no reason to "invade" your privacy. If you behave in an otherwise generally unacceptable manner then expect consequences such as your parents/carers/authorities taking whatever action they feel necessary to "correct" your misbehavior! 'Nuff said!

I think you need to keep in mind that the basis for this argument is that most of these parents are advocating doing this to even the most trustworthy children solely on the basis that they are morons (who are humanly incapable of thought until they are both 18 and move out of the house). At which point they are free to fend for themselves, and had better do it well, because one night they woke up smart and were magically adults.


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