How to get your child's Facebook password

If you are already aware of the dangers of Facebook, Myspace, chatrooms, etc, and suspect that your child may be endangering him or herself, it might be a parental necessity for you to monitor your child's activity on Facebook, Myspace or other websites to ensure their safety. If you own the computer that your child uses to access the internet, it may not only be fully legal to access or monitor their Facebook, Myspace or email accounts, but in some cases it may be your duty to do so.

How to find your child's passwords

Unfortunately there is no magic code or hack to obtain passwords for Facebook, email, Myspace, chat-rooms or other systems. Most of these systems are very secure and are difficult if not nearly impossible to 'crack'. You can however capture or record their password as they use it on each system by installing password capturing software, otherwise known as child safety monitoring software. These programs are inexpensive and can be easily downloaded directly from the internet and installed on your computer in minutes.

Find the passwords and have full access

By using one of the password finder or child surveillance programs available for download on the internet, you can see who your child is chatting with or sending email to and help ensure their safety.  These keylogger type programs will record and log everything typed on your computer (such as passwords, chat-room chats, emails) and allow you to review it later.  Most of these keylogger or parental monitoring programs are inexpensive, they often have a free-trials and they can be easily downloaded and installed in minutes.  The better keylogger programs work well because once installed they are virtually undetectable - No other users of the computer will know it's there, and YOU are the only person that can access it.  Prices will range from free to $99, but we recommend staying away from the free programs as they may not be trustworthy and may have little or no support. 



"So, we know when someone's not who they say they are, we know not to give out personal information." So why do so many of you do it?

Okay this thread is hilariously retarded. Before you start accusing me of being a child and also knowing nothing and entitled to no rights as I believe one person posted I would like to say that I am 18 years old. For the parents who believe that they have every right to stalk their child's facebook I can tell you this. Your on a one way road to ruining the relationship with your child. First thing that they are going to think is; well if they don't respect my privacy on a little thing like facebook what else aren't they respecting? Do they go through my text messages? Do they ring the school on me? Do they talk to my friend's parents about me? Why can't you just give them some space I mean jeez that's half the reason they are on facebook in the first place, so they can have their private thoughts and conversations. And if your one of the parents who is thinking that is for their protection from all those dangerous "creeps" out there, stop reading pathetic women's magazines and watching day time television. The world isn't completely full of them. But the real issue is if you have any reason to believe that you need to be delving into your child's privacy because you think their is something for them to hide, means you haven't done your job as a parent.

Private implies it is away from everyone, so why go to a social network for privacy?

My daughter comitted suicide. She felt this was her only way to deal with her problems. she had hidden a lot from us and the privacy laws here pretty much short circuited anything we could have done to help her. I was looking for a solution to gain access to her social media and came across this thread. It is important for the family to understand what happened and that information may be locked away from us forever.

As a parent their CHILDREN is their TOP PRIORITY among the rest of their responsibilities. If kids these days thinks that they out smarted their parents because they could learn few gadgets by their own INSTINCT then THINK AGAIN for a million of times... You'll have to go through many hardships and pains before you could say that you have matured. Mature enough to be on your own and start living independently where no parents are needed to GUIDE YOU in everything YOU have you've thought YOU COULD LEARN ON YOUR OWN. I believe that no perfect person is living today EVEN YOU. People DO make a lot of mistakes and there are horrible ones and those are the things that parents keep praying as many times as they could hoping that it would never happen to their children. One of the horrible things that YOU COULD POSSIBLY MAKE this days is talking to someone YOU THINK you knew PERFECTLY but yet is actually a complete stranger waiting for the PERFECT opportunity for their hidden intentions to you to be accomplished. Well for the privacy of relationships between the kiddies... If your a girl, you really need the guidance of your parents. For the NAUGHTY boys... Read the Bible if your a Christian and if you're not, learn from your religious preacher. If you think your preacher missed to preach the things you're wanting to hear then ask them personally. If still they failed to answer you directly then try n other religions. Remember, religion is the great foundation of some of the great identity from the past and upto now. If you know what I mean, then you'll know what to do. I don't need to reply to any message posted earlier, it's up to you if you're sensitive enough to know if you're the one I'm talking to. One more thing, English is the international language but not every nation's language. Careful with the words you are using cause it reflects who you are and also respect others as you want them to respect you. Have a great day and God bless us all. -To: Anonymous Visitor (Tue, 04/26/2011 - 8:16am) I am very sorry my deepest condolences to you and your family. I hope the authority will help you to resolve the mystery of your daughter's death. May her sole be at rest peacefuly in the Holy Hands of God.

I'm 21 and I've been friends with my mom on first MySpace then Facebook since I was 15. The only thing I ever have a problem with about it is sometimes she accidentally puts our private home business on a comment, and that's only cause she thinks it's a message and she's nearly technologically illiterate. That's not the point though, I'm a fucked up person and my parents watched me like a hawk. I do drugs, I'm an alcoholic, I smoke cigarettes, I have a foul mouth. No matter how hard my parents tried to raise me right, and trust me they did the best they could, I still made MY choices. EVERYONE has a choice, and if someone wants to commit the act they have chosen to do badly enough, no amount of parental backstory is going to make a difference.

Hello. I'm 15 and I'm having a blast reading these. It's almost like the parents don't take the time to investigate both sides of each argument. Though I understand they you have the best interest in mind for your kids, 'hacking' into your Childs Facebook account just shows what kind of relationship you have with your kids. By breaking into your child's Facebook you violate any trust you've built with your child, in addition to their privacy. Realize that though you worry if some stalker is monitoring your child over Facebook, Your kids don't want this any more than you do. Facebook has privacy filters that make it almost impossible for this to happen. Trust me, your kids definately know how to use the privacy options on these sites. I wouldn't know anything about raising kids (thank god) so I won't even go there. If you feel it's really necesary to look into your child's Facebook, how about you try asking them to log in so you can look, though I wouldn't recommend it. Teens go on there to talk about things that they would like to keep between friends. I'm sure you parents have things between your own friends you'd rather your kids not know about. I don't want to seem biased or ignorant, I'm sure that you do have the best interest in mind for your kids but breaking into ther Facebook is like reading a diary or in the least, being in their circle of trusted friends. Parents need to realize they are not supposed to be a 'friend'. At least not like their other teenage friends. It's great if you share a relationship like this with your child. In fact if you do, you have nothing to worry about. All im saying is let your kids have their personal lives too. If you believe your kids deserve no privacy you need to wake up and smell the roses. You have your own privacy, don't you? How would You like it if your own parents went barging into your bedroom at night (if you get what I mean)? We feel the same way.

You're not a parent, and when you are then come back and tell all of us idiots if you feel the same way. Take care genius.

The child does have rights. I am a parent of two who respects my children and wants the best for them. I would never, unless the situation was that they ran away from home or could be in danger, so this to my children. I give my children their privacy. I am friends with them on facebook, but I was aware my daughter had one long before I made my own. Children don't want to be stalked - people act as though they are careless and have no mind of their own. Most teens just block the person or tell an adult - I asked my 16 year old daughter if she did and she said yes she blocked one person who blocked her. She's been on a year and one person merely requested to be friends on facebook, and she blokes him. Kids are smarter than you think. Everyone portrays facebook and myspace to be full of pedophiles, but the reality is, these websites give you I'll privacy. You can make it so only friends of friends can add you or so that you don't show up in a search on the site. You have every right to go through your child's Facebook, myspace, or even their phone, but that won't show them anything. You know, I listen to friends and relatives talking about the lengths they take to control their kids and it astounds me every time. You can't shelter your kid. I do have a policy that if my kids are on the computer and I want to see what they're doing they have to show me or even tell me - if one of them us having a private conversation an I want to know, I'm more than ok with bust seeing that they're talking to who they say they are. Kids née to be trusted. You may have the ability to control, but that doesn't mean you should. Trust your kids - I do.


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