Computer help: How can I see what video card I have?

Where do I look to see what type of video card I have?

There may be a time when you need to see what brand or type of video card you have. Many video games and video editing software packages have specific video-card requirements. Knowing if your PC and video card meet these requirements in advance can save a lot of time and frustration.

XP video display settings

How to look up your video card type

Applies to: Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 1 and 2

You can see what kind of video card you have in the Display Properties window, available directly from your desktop or in Control Panel.

Follow these steps to view your Display Properties directly from your Desktop:

  • Right click with your mouse on an empty area of your desktop
  • On the menu that appears, select Properties
  • In the Display Properties window, click the Settings tab
  • From the Settings window, click the Advanced button
  • In the Advanced settings window, click the Adapter tab

Windows XP can tell you the brand, type and more information about your video card

The Adapter tab will display the brand of your video card, memory size, and video BIOS information. Pressing the Properties button will display driver information, resource information such as memory ranges and I/O information.

More information about video and display properties:

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If you go Start-->Run-->dxdiag then click Ok and a little message will pop up saying do you want to allow .... click yes then you get a nice system read out and if you click the display Tab up the top or others you get lots of info.

HellI did a system readout and it is not giving me any info on the video card I have and all I have are gemeric drivers, My computer is in a pain in the ass place to pull it out and find out exactly what I have all I know is that it is an ATI card....any suggestions?


thank you sooooooo much now i can play COD world at war

your idea cant help me, then what I has to do


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