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Re: "finding" backup drive

If you try this, make sure the drive that your operating system is installed on is plugged into the Primary Controller.  And yes.. both hard drives should have their jumpers set to Master.  If it works and you are also using an IDE cabled DVD ROM, put it on the Secondary Controller with your backup hard drive and set the jumper on the DVD ROM as a Slave.  Putting a DVD ROM on the same controller as your boot drive could slow your system down because the controller automatically adjusts it's bus transfer speed to match the slowest device.

Re: "finding" backup drive

I've tried getting the drive to show its properties using seagate dos caldera program which, as you probably know, doesn't go through windows. The program tells me it doesn't recognize the filing system, though it shows that there is the right amount of data on the drive. AFter having hooked the drive up everywhich way, using various boards, I must conclude that the drive is corrupted, fried, whatever it's called. So can these be repaired to retrieve the data, or is it forever lost?

Re: "finding" backup drive

Just curious, when you click Start Button|Run and paste this (diskmgmt.msc) into it and click ok, do you see the drives in the list? I'm wondering if you might just need to assign them drive letters.


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