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Flash Forward

Anyone catch this last night?  I'm hooked.  It strikes me as similar to "Lost", a big game of facial recognition and who's connected to whom.  There was even a little "Lost" shout-out by way of an Oceanic Airlines billboard in the beginning of the show.  Kangaroo = polar bear?

Anywho, basic premise is that EVERYONE in the world simultaneously blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds.  During that time, everyone seems to have seen a flash of their future, April 29, 2010, to be exact.  Nobody knows how or why.  Some where comforted by what they saw, and really want it to happen.  Others were horrified, and will do anything they can to change it. 

What did you see?



Re: Flash Forward

saw a re-play of this and i liked it...it's definitely an interesting concept.  the thing where so many people's "flash forward's" were connected has me wanting to find out more.

Re: Flash Forward

i saw the replay the other night too.. but, i gave up after about 4 minutes and switched to a DVRd episode of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Re: Flash Forward

Was wandering around Hulu and decided to watch this while I nommed...

It was interesting... seems like one of those things I'ma have to keep up with... miss an episode and be completely lost type things...

Speaking of... I've still never seen an episode of Lost... so I dunno about the comparison...

I noticed it was based off of the book Flashforward by Robert Sawyer... I got excited thinking I could read that and not wait for episodes... but when I saw the description, I figured that's a bust since in the book they see 21 years into the future... and the cause of it is given (not sure if it'll be the same cause, doesn't seem overly likely from what the first episode showed... but if you don't want to risk it, don't go look for the synopsis of the book, because it's mentioned)

I think I'll keep up with this... another show to get me through the boring nights.

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