Fleas & Ticks???

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 Check the small places for ticks ... in & around the ears, between the toes & pads, and in the crooks of his legs (doggie arm pits).  Did you buy the actual Advantage from the vet, or did you buy the knockoff that Hartz sells?  Be careful with the flea shampoo.  On rare occasions it can irritate dogs' skin ... doggie oatmeal shampoo is good for itchy or irritated skin.

Good luck, and keep up posted! 


i bought the actual advantage, they sell it at petco... i've heard of that hartz kind.. they didnt have it there does it work?? and as for the shampoo the guy helping me put told me to be carefull with what shampoo i buy since it can irritate their skin.. I went with an organical one to be on the safe side..


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Re: Fleas & Ticks???

 Actually don't ever, ever, EVER use the Hartz brand for either dog or cat.  In some animals it can cause an allergic reaction that sends them into shock & kills them.  There's now way of knowing if your animal is allergic or not so it's best to just steer clear of it all together.

Luckily I've never used Hartz.  Now that I know what it can do I NEVER will use it, and I tell everyone I know to NOT use it.


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Re: Fleas & Ticks???

 Pinky, I can really sympathize with you! I have a dog who is actually allergic to flea bites and he goes thru absolute agony!! you've taken all the right steps so far.Be sure to follow thru with the flea dip at Petsmart, and you've got to do the flea bombs wherever they have slept because you'll be right back where you started. Contact between animals will definitely spread those little, nasty bastards! But you're doing the right things and everyone has given you great advice, so hang tight and keep us posted. You'll get thru this!...juliek

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Advantage for fleas
Advantage works for fleas but you have to start using it before the dog gets them.


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