Cant get the main photo of myself onto my space

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Cant get the main photo of myself onto my space

I can not get my photo (that everyone would see first) up onto Myspace. I had first started with the picture of mine that was saved in my computer, but that file was to large. Then I learned that you have to upload the photo to a host and then bring it to Myspace, but that will not work for me. I have uploaded it to PhotoBucket and Imageshack, that is no problem, but when those websites give you all those codes that you are suppose to copy on to Myspace loses me. So can anyone please tell me how to just upload my first picture, please be very specific, because I have followed exact directions and nothing is working!



main photo

well, first i'd say to click on the picture in photobucket to see it fullscreen.
then right click and save as...
this will save the resized picture to your computer.
on your myspace home page, click add/edit photos.
then chooose the picture you just saved
then after you upload it there will be a button that says -set as default-
that will make it your main picture

main photo

well that worked thank you so much!!!!

re: main photo

shibby, by using the steps as outlined by aliceinblunderland above, you can upload any pics that are already on your hard drive onto your myspace pics page.

the only time you need to upload pics or any kind of graphics and such to photobucket or any kind of image hosting website such as that is if you want to use them in a comment on someone else's profile or if you want to use them to jazz up your profile, that kind of thing. and that's really simple as well. just as you mentioned, most of those services will list three different codes for each photograph/image/graphic. there's typically a url link, an html tag and an image code. for the purpose of using them on myspace, use the html tag. place your mouse in that box and click once, and the tag will automatically be copied onto your clipboard. then go to myspace and paste (Ctrl+V) that tag wherever you're wanting to use it. and bam! there you go. lol! hope that helps a little bit.

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