Easy holiday Ham

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Easy holiday Ham

For the ones out there with Grillin Skills.....Holiday Ham.....

Use ham of any weight ( the only thing that will be affected is cooking time)

1. Clean Ham thoroughly!!

2. Remove excess Fat, and Skin (for you health concious types)

3. Make several incisions in the ham. Use an injector if you have one.

4. fill the incisions with crushed garlic clove, and crushed Red pepper, and chopped green pepper, also add dales to the incisions.

5. Wrap the ham in al. foil, double wrap!! the foil is going to hold in the juices

6. Place ham in grill and let cook until about half done ( again this depends on the size of the ham) after ham is about done remove from grill....temorarily!

7. place Oak & apple wood chips in the grill, allow smoke to start billowing...Place ham back on the grill, and allow to completly cook.

8. remove ham from grill, place on carving platter, and Serve!!!


Big brother is watching....beware!!!


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